Paramedics on the field

Paramedics on the fieldYou are working as an Extended Care Paramedic (ECP) in a Metropolitan AmbulanceService. A patient is referred to you by a Paramedic crew.The patient is a 48 year old woman with a 2 week history of a productive cough withgreen sputum, and is complaining of general malaise and fever.On examination:AIRWAY ? patentBREATHING ? 18 resps/min, SpO2 = 97% room airCIRCULATION ? pulse = 87, BP = 130/80mmHgDISABILITY ? GCS = 15, BSL = 5.1 mmol/L, PERL, nil neuro deficitsEXPOSURE ? temperature 38?, nil rashPast medical history: depression, exercise induced asthmaMedications: ZoloftAllergies: Penicillin! Explain your systematic respiratory assessment.! Explain the Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI) Class 1.! Outline the exclusion criteria that would prevent you from managing this patient athome. Include in this a discussion of ECP Scope of Practice and theInclusion/Exclusion Criteria for such services as Silver Chain or Doctor in the Home.! Outline your treatment regime.! What other advice might you give the patient?!

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