paradigmatic approach

paradigmatic approachProject description In approximately 600 words (two pages) respond to the prompt below. Make sure to answer every part of the question entirely. Using material from your book, powerpoint and/or outsidereadings on the subject matter is encouraged. It is due on Saturday but will remain visible so that you can read past journals and view your comments/feedback.One major way of studying International Relations is to take a paradigmatic approach. What is meant by a paradigmatic approach to international relations? What are paradigms trying toaccomplish? Identify the core characteristics of the paradigms you have studied. Even though they are competing claims, they do share a variety of aspects: identify these and explain what youmean by the terms you identify. Once you have done this, which of the five do you find more compelling? Provide justification for your answer using examples in pratical politics.the text book is :Shimko, Keith L. 2013. International Relations: Perspectives, Controversies and Readings, 4th ed. Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.:

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