OverpopulationPaper instructions: AssignmentDespite Alexandra Paul?s claim that no one is talking about it, overpopulation is an important and controversial issue in our time. Your assignment is to pick ONE problem associated withoverpopulation, conduct research about it, and propose a solution in an argumentative research paper.GuidelinesYour paper should be between 900 ? 1,200 words. Your paper should be properly formatted and documented in MLA Style. Your works cited page must contain at least 5 credible sources. At least 3 of these sources must be considered MOST CREDIBLE. ??????????????????????????????-Grading Rubric (45 points)Introduction & Thesis StatementExcellent (5 points) ? Explains problem to be addressed; provides necessary background; ends with contestable thesis statement; thesis answers question.Satisfactory (2.5 points) ? Problem statement missing; problem poorly focused; thesis unclear, not contestable, and/or does not fully answer question.Poor (0 points) ? Paper begins without context or background; paper lacks thesis statement; reader confused about what writer is attempting to do.Quality of Ideas & ArgumentExcellent (10 points) ? Strong insights; remains focused on the research question; effectively links course readings and discussions into the question; good logical reasoning.Satisfactory (5 points) ? Some good insights; loses focus on question or gaps in argument; connections between question and course material vague; unsupported generalizations.Poor (1 point) ? Fails to adequately answer the research question; contains no clear argument; descriptive rather than argumentative; tends to summarize course materials.Use of EvidenceExcellent (10 points) ? Excellent use of credible research to support argument; effectively provides relevant examples, evidence, and appropriate quotes, paraphrases, and summaries.Satisfactory (5 points) ? Uneven use of evidence and examples; evidence not always directly relevant; over-reliance on a single source; significance of quotes not readily apparent.Poor (1 point) ? Lack of evidence and examples; evidence, if provided, not related to overall argument; limited reference to course materials.Organization & ClarityExcellent (10 points) ? Clear, well-organized paper; paragraphs begin with topic sentences related to the thesis; topic sentences fully developed in each paragraph; paper flows logically, readerdoesn?t get lost.Satisfactory (5 points) ? Generally sound organization; some topic sentences strong, others weak; some paragraphs not fully developed; reader occasionally confused by awkwardorganization, unclear sentences, and/or fuzzy ideas.Poor (1 point) ? Poor organization, lacks clarity; paper not organized around coherent paragraphs; paragraphs lack topic sentences; writing is hard to follow and understand.Mechanics & MLA FormatExcellent (10 points) ? Flawless paper or an occasional minor error; looks like a professional college paper; follows MLA Style with few, minor errors in formatting or documentation; includes aneffective title.Average (5 points) ? Distractions due to spelling, punctuation, grammar, and/or citation errors; writer seems a bit careless; varies from MLA Style in a few ways; contains a less-effective title.Poor (1 point) ? Paper seriously marred by mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation; lack of editing; paper is not in correct MLA format or style; paper lacks a title.:

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