Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear EngineeringDC ? 10 case :33) Should engineers have refused to build the DC-10 on such an accelerated schedule ?34) Should the design engineers have insisted on using state-of-the-art designs even if doing so went against the corporate culture?35) In the aftermath of the door blowout on the prototype, What should McDonnell-Douglas have done?36) Given that McDonnell-Douglas management knew that there was a problem with the cargo door as early as 1970, when the prototype failed, and knew that there could be catastrophic failure of the airplane?s superstructure, leading to an accident, What ethical responsibility for the accidents does it have?The Rights and Responsibilities of Engineers:6) Is there an ethical obligation to ensure that the information you post on your internet web site is accurate and true? Or is it up to the Web user to be discriminating and to realize that some material might not be accurate?9) Should computer and software designers be concerned about possible abuse of their products? Should designs incorporate methods for preventing the misuse of computers?Goodrich A7-D Brake:25) Was an unethical act taking place when test results on the brake were falsified ?26) Was this mitigated at all by the fact that Goodrich was planning to redesign the brakes anyway?27) Was this mitigated by the fact that the brake design was a new one for which the old test methods might not be applicable? This was a claim by Goodrich. If the old test methods were not applicable to the new design, what should Goodrich have done?30) What could Goodrich have done to solve the problem without public disclosure of the falsified tests?The case of Cold Fusion:9) Using the code of ethics of one of the professional societies printed in Appendix A, analyze the behavior of Bockris? research group. According to the code, did this group operate in an ethical manner?Automotive Crash Testing:12) Does the IIHS have a conflict of interest in trying to work with the auto companies to help improve automotive safety?13) The recommendations of the IIHS are not legally binding on engineers, whereas NHTSA regulations are. What should engineers and managers do with the IIHS recommendations?Organizational, Gantt, and PERT chart:5) Choose an engineering company with which you are familiar with or in which you have an interest. Develop an organizational chart for the company. Information about company?s structure and personal usually can be found on the company?s website?14) Develop a Gantt chart for the design of a cell phone tower?20) Construct a PERT chart that you imagine to be applicable to the design of the international Space Station.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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