Newborn Care: Safety

Newborn Care: SafetyProject description This paper is a teaching project about Newborn Care: Safety. Please write the paper in outline format. Must be Nursing relater. As in Nursing teaching Mother.When writing the paper do not worry out writing the NANDA Nursing Diagnosis (in attached example) I will do that separately.TEACHING PLAN 1.PURPOSE: To document and evaluate teaching skills necessary to provide teaching to an individual client with a demonstrated need. With the completion of this assignment the student will beable to achieve the following objectives.a)Demonstrate ability to thoroughly assess the learning styles of an individual or family using given developmental or cultural models.b)Demonstrate ability to anticipate learning needs based on developmental or cultural assessments.c)Identify and utilize teaching/learning principles to facilitate achievement of learning goals and outcomes.d)Select and prioritize learning strategies based on the developmental or cultural assessment to achieve learning goals and outcomes.e)Support rationales for teaching plan using teaching and learning theories from required readings with references.2.NURSING COMPETENCIES:a)Assessing and identifying developmental, cultural, and socioeconomic factors affecting a client.b)Providing evidence-based health information and teaching based on developmental, cultural, and socioeconomic factors affecting a client or familyc)Integrating teaching/learning activities into client interactions based on developmental, cultural, and socioeconomic factors affecting a client or family. d)Incorporating health promotion and teaching into the plan of care based on developmental, cultural, and socioeconomic factors affecting a family or client.4.IMPLEMENTATION: Outline (step by step)5.EVALUATION OF PATIENT LEARNING: Evaluate your project describing the effectiveness of teaching methods and aids, learner?s response, ability to meet objectives, and self-evaluation including what the student learned and what the student would do differently in the future. A copy of the entire teaching plan with the evaluation of patient learning is to be submitted to your clinical instructor during the teaching presentation. This write-up should be 2-3 pages.:

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