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My First Banking SystemThe application described here is partly based on a real-life banking system, but simplificationsand changes have been made. To help you appreciate the privacy implications of auniversal identification scheme, all clients and staff of the bank are identified throughoutthe application by their tax file number (taxNr). Thus, all bank customers and personnel aretaxpayers.An information system is required to manage accounts and staff records for Oz Bank, whichhas branches at various locations. Each branch is standardly identified by its branchnumber but also has a unique name. The first table is an extract from staff records of OzBank. Each employee works at exactly one branch and has at most one phone listed. Themark ??? denotes a null value. The mark ??? indicates ?etc.? (other instances exist but arenot shown here).BranchNr Branch name Emp taxNr Emp name Emp phone1 Uni. of Qld 200390?Jones EPresley E?3770000??2 Toowong Central 377?Jones E???3 Strathpine 222?Wong M?2051111?Within the one branch, each account has a unique serial number, but different accounts indifferent branches may have the same serial number. Account users are identified by theirtaxNr, but also have a name and possibly a phone number (see the second table).QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGYBusiness Process Management DisciplineIAB201: Modelling Information SystemsIAB201 Tutorial Worksheet ? A. Polyvyanyy2Account UserBranchNr SerialNr TaxNr Name Phone112235566557744200311199199377300Jones EJones TMegasoftMegasoftJones EWong S3770000377000037712343771234?2051111Each account is a passbook account. Five sample passbook entries are shown. For eachaccount, transactions are numbered sequentially 1, 2, 3, ? Dates are formattedday/month/ year. For simplicity, assume each transaction is either a deposit (DEP) orwithdrawal (WDL). In practice, other types of transactions are possible (e.g. interest andfees). The balance column shows the account balance after the transaction is executed.Although the balance is derivable, for efficiency purposes the balance is stored as soon as itis derived. For example, this speeds up production of monthly statements for the bank?scustomers (Oz Bank has a few million customers who average several transactions eachmonth). This derive-on-update (eager evaluation) decision contrasts with our normalderive-on-query (lazy evaluation) policy.OZ BANKBranchNr SerialNr Branch name: Uni. of QldUsers: Jones E; Jones T 1 55TranNr Date Deposit Withdrawal Balance1233/1/905/1/905/1/9010002001001000800700OZ BANKBranchNr SerialNr Branch name: Uni. of QldUsers: Megasoft1 66TranNr Date Deposit Withdrawal Balance1210/2/9010/2/90200050020001500QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGYBusiness Process Management DisciplineIAB201: Modelling Information SystemsIAB201 Tutorial Worksheet ? A. Polyvyanyy3OZ BANKBranchNr SerialNr Branch name: Toowong CentralUsers: Megasoft 2 55TranNr Date Deposit Withdrawal Balance123423/1/907/2/9010/2/902/3/909000500020005000900014000120007000OZ BANKBranchNr SerialNr Branch name: StrathpineUsers: Wong S3 44TranNr Date Deposit Withdrawal Balance125/1/9012/1/90100600100700(a) Draw a conceptual schema diagram for this UoD. Make use of an entity typeindicating the type of transaction: Trantype (code) {?DEP?, ?WDL?). Include theaccount balance fact type on the diagram; mark it with ?**? since it is derivable butit is required to be stored. Express the derivation rule as clearly as you can.(b) Consider the fragment of your conceptual schema that captures the kind ofinformation required for deposits and withdrawals (only two fact types are involved).Transform this subschema into an equivalent subschema that uses two different facttypes, removing the entity type Trantype altogether.(c) In a realistic banking application there are several kinds of transactions besidesdeposits and withdrawals. In such a situation is it better to include Trantype as anobject type, or to extend the alternative approach you proposed in (b)?OZ BANKBranchNr SerialNr Branch name: Toowong CentralUsers: Jones E2 77TranNr Date Deposit Withdrawal Balance1 3/1/90 500 500Place this order with us and get 18% discount now! to earn your discount enter this code: summer17 If you need assistance chat with us now by clicking the live chat button.

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