MARKS OF MATURITY PAPEROrder DescriptionAs a critical component of your teaching or preaching plan, you must identify your objectives and the outcomes anticipated in your students? lives. As you are reading the assigned portions of the text and watching the presentation, take notes and/or create a bulleted list of the outcomes you would expect to observe in the lives of your students as a result of the lesson you intend to transmit to the group/venue of your choice.Using biblical passages such as Luke 2:40, 52 (describing the extent/dimensions of growth expected), Psalm 15 (portraying the man who ascends to God), Ephesians 4?6 (articulating the components of a worthy life), Colossians 3:1?17, or even the requisites of Godly leaders in the Pastoral Epistles, etc., create a 1?page table that identifies your intentions and expectations for those who complete your program, course, or lesson.Using the Lecture Note: Marks of Maturity document as a guide, include all 5dimensions of development (physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual) and include Scripture where appropriate. Format the table so that it can be displayed as a poster or wall hanging visible to your class or congregation. Include a second page to make necessary notes or explanations, and write a 1?page summary by finishing this sentence: ?Upon the successful completion of this course of study, a student will be able to??

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