Management of Change

Management of ChangeCritically examine the concept of organizational culture. Evaluate the process of organisational culture change and Discuss (check for the help you need) the outcomes of a culture change programme(s) with reference to an organisation(s).Introduction (500 words aprox)1. Provide a brief overview of the organisation you have chosen (using a case study from a core text, a newspaper article or a company found on Market Line (Library Online, Resources, For Your Subject, Business and Management, Market Line).*2. Describe the macro environment of the company using a Pestle analysis and Porters 5 forces model.Ensure you answer: ?Apply a range of diagnostic models and frameworks to the organisational context?3. Describe the micro environment of the company, i.e. stakeholder analysis, SWOT analysis, organisation structure and current culture web that could be derived from the information acquired.Ensure you answer: ?Apply a range of diagnostic models and frameworks to the organisational context?Main Body (1,750 words aprox)4. Using current change paradigms suggest a change approach that would be suitable the organisation in question (i.e. 7S Model) considering the factors above and any other information that you feel would be relevant. Perhaps use other case studies to show good practice and to justify your argument.Ensure you answer: ?Consider whether the structure of the organisation inhibits or promotes the desired change.?Ensure you answer. ?Be clear about the objectives of the change that you recommend and the desired results.?5. Now using the information Discuss (check for the help you need)ed above consider implementation of this change, and the type of change agent that might initiate this using models such as Kotter?s 8 steps of Change for structure. You need to pay particular attention to the culture through this change and advise accordingly. Perhaps use other case studies to show good practice and justify argument.Ensure you answer: ?Fully evaluate where the power and tensions, resistance to change may be in the chosen organisation(s)?Ensure you answer: ?Identify the sources of resistance to change and how they may be addressed by change management intervention(s)?Ensure your answer: ?Explore a range of options to bring about the required change and consider the timeline of your chosen strategy, for example, immediate, mid-term, long-term strategy?Ensure you answer. ?Anticipate the likely impact of the change on the organisation or organisational unit?Ensure you answer. ?Determine who in the organisation or organisational unit will be affected by the change, how it will affect them and to what degree?Ensure you answer: ?Aim to predict the reactions of people who will be affected by the change, or those who be called upon to implement the change?Ensure you answer: ?What criteria will be used to assess the success of the change strategy you propose??Conclusion (250 words aprox)6. Provide recommendations to the organisation regarding that change using models such as Kotter?s 8 steps to change to finalise argument. Perhaps use other case studies to show good practice and justify argument.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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