LitigationOrder DescriptionThis is an exam paper and requires high quality and attention which is the reason why i have chosen the platinum package.Please read the instructions on the attached file carefully and asnwer the questions as required. Please number all your answers as per the questions and subquestions carefully.The book that must be used and also mentioned as reference is the below:Marcus, Redish, Sherman, and Pfander, Civil Procedure, A Modern Approach (6th ed.)You will also need to read and refer to the Twombley and Iqbal case which can be found on the above book in order to answer one of the subquestions.These two references are mandatory. If you see the need to add more references in addition to those, you are welcome to do so.This exam should be typed and should not be longer than 8 double-spaced pages of 12-point type. That is a maximum. There is no requirement that you write that much.This is a completely open book exam. There are no limitations on the materials you are permitted to have with you.Organize your answers before you write. Length confers no advantages.Look through the entire exam before you begin it has two questions on five pages (Including this instruction page). The second question has eleven (11) subparts.In your answer to the last question, tell me what the legal issue presented by each subsection is, even if you are not sure how to resolve that issue. (Number your answers to the subsections). If you would need more information to resolve the issue, tell me what more you would need to know.:

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