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In this paper I will be writing about the life cycle and the understanding of what impacts an individual. I will be explaining three major concepts such as how self-determination impacts an individual?s ability to successfully negotiate challenges in each life cycle. Also how autonomy impacts an individual?s ability to successfully negotiate challenges in each life cycle and how policies and legislation could impact the family during each life cycle. When it comes to the life cycle there are stages individuals will pass through in their entire life cycle. When it comes to self-determination it starts from birthLife Cycle to about 18months old. During these first 18 months the child is developing optimism trust confidence and security by their mother and father if they are properly cared for by them. If by change there is no trust from the parents to the child they could grow into insecurity unimportance and most likely be wary of trust in themselves and in the world. Later in life if the individuals were properly cared for he or she will be able to make things happen in their lives for themselves. This all comes with feeling confidence and being able to trust and make their own decision in their lives. Individuals learn how to be self-determination in early elementary by learning how to make their own choices promote early problem solving skills by thinking aloud as they address simple problems. This stage is called autonomy vs. shame this is from 18 months to about 5years old. This is when individuals will have the chance to assemble self-esteem and autonomy as they learn new skills and right from wrong. If the individual is cared for the correct way they will learn how to carry them self with pride rather than shame and very sure of themselves. This is about the time individuals will start to wonder and explore the word why and start to experiment of what to believe to be an adult. Playing with Barbie?s and ken?s also toys such has cars plays a role with wanting to know things and why. If you don?t have involvement with your child in this stage they can resolve problems such as struggles through social role identification. With this it can bring an individual frustrated over goals in life and also may feel guilt. Industry vs. inferiority stage is during age 6 to 12 years old. This is when learning new skills and understanding with developing sense of industry. This is too a stage of social development that you learn plus need throughout the stage of everybody?s life cycle. If an individual experience unanswered thoughts of failure and weakness amongst their peers they are known to have very serious troubles in conditions of capability and self-esteem during their entire life cycle. As individuals will expand their relationship with school and neighbors during this time of their life cycle parents are still important in their life. In the stage of 12 to 18 years old self-determination and autonomy plays a role in an individual?s life cycle. This is where development is found of what has been done with that person. At this point it has to do with the primarily upon what a person dose with their life. If this means an individual?s has to struggle to be able to discover and find out who they are when having to be deal with negotiating and struggling with social interaction this will bring in their sense of morality and right from wrong skills they have learned. From some reason or another there is a delay in adulthood this can cause a person to become very withdrawn from having responsibilities in life to more in the right direction. Policies and legislation has enter into people life cycle from stage one from learning right from wrong. It really kicks in about the time 18 to 65 years old with dealing with finding love in your life and some are ready before other to settle down and to start a family. If a person does not find them self in at least finding some companies with one another that individual could come to be isolated and that is not good for a person. During this time phrase people are also getting their career in order along with their family this is to be called taking control of all responsibilities in life. When it comes to the stage of 65 to death with an individual this is when it involves reflection. This could be feeling of integrity contentment feeling you have led a meaningful life. If for some reason a person can not feel like they have lived a happy meaningful life they could be feeling the fear of death. When feeling this way they are struggling to find out what the purpose of their own live was about here in the world. Having the thoughts going through their mind of was everything worth it what was the point of life this is when they will have start to feel failure and it be a stressful and happy time with individuals life cycle. In this paper this explains the three major concepts in the family life cycle. Self-determination how it impacts the ability to successfully negotiates challenges in the life cycle. How autonomy impacts individuals ability to successfully negotiate in the life cycle and also the policies and legislation ability could impact an individual?s life cycle. The life cycle is something everyone has to go through and to know it starts from birth to death. Reference The Expanded Family Life Cycle: Individual Family and Social Perspectives Fourth Edition. Chapter 2: Self in context: Human Development and Individual Life Cycle in Systemic Perspective. Monica McGoldrick Betty Carter Nydia Garcia Preto (2011).”

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