Leadership theory paper

Leadership theory paperOrder DescriptionAssignment Task: Critically evaluate the theory of transformational leadership. In doing so, take some account of the relevant literature, any advantages that alternatives may have, and whether the theory or approach would be useful in contexts that you are familiar with. NOTE FOR THE WRITER: YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY relevant literature and any number of sources and bibliography.. Criteria : 1. Reading Knowledge The main thing here is to be adequately read in the views you are Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ing; in short, to know what you are talking about. There should be little practical difficulty in achieving this. Since all essay topics relate to material given in lectures, an important starting point is your own class notes, and the readings that have been handed out. The course bibliography also lists readings for each topic. 2. Structure Does your paper have a clear rational structure? (i) Within each paragraph, is it clear what the main point is that the paragraph makes? Is it clear how you support this main point by argument or illustrate it by examples? (ii) In the paper as a whole, does the layout of paragraphs and their relation to one another follow a logical constructive sequence? Is it made clear which are the key passages of argument? Is the paper a mere list, or sequence of topics; or worse, a mere list or sequence of readings that have been summarized? 3. Understanding of arguments (1) Do you understand the arguments actually dealt with in your paper? Are the key concepts adequately explained, or if they are themselves unclear, is the vagueness clearly pointed out? Are there good examples or illustrations to indicate a sure grasp of arguments and distinctions posed? Is the language you use clear, direct, accurate and sure, or is it vague, obscure, ambiguous and unsure? In a word (or two) do you bluff and waffle your way through essays? (ii) Is it only the simpler arguments that are understood? Are possible objections to your arguments considered, or are your points made as if they are unanswerable and left at that? If you are criticizing another writer?s views, do you show you are aware of how your criticism might be answered? There will not be space to pursue all arguments and counter-arguments through to the end. You should, however, be able to present some degree of critical exchange of views, of argument, objection, reply, . . . etc. 4. Critical Thinking Does the paper represent your own attempt to come to grips with the problem or sort out the issues? Have you analyzed the problem yourself, or merely uncritically accepted someone else?s analysis? There is obviously no reason why you shouldn?t use someone else?s analysis: but be quite clear that this is what you are doing, and bear in mind that every theory has its problems and weaknesses. If using ideas from your reading and Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion, quote extensively only what is of vital importance, either for your own argument or for what you want to criticize. If quoting, make the reason for the quotation clear. Quotation without comment is normally taken as endorsement of what is quoted, but sometimes the context leaves room for doubt. So make it clear. There is an important distinction between (i) originality, and (ii) saying what you think. Real originality is extremely difficult and very few of us are capable of it at any stage. On the other hand, it is essential for your own understanding of a problem, to put it in your own words, to work your own way through it. The point is to digest arguments and ideas and then write them down yourself, not to quote or paraphrase large slabs of other writings. Stress what you think is the key concept, the key argumentative point. Always acknowledge an argument you?ve consciously borrowed, even when you put it in your own way. Cite all references using footnotes and bibliography. (Any standard system of citation will do.) SPECIFIC CRITERIA Understanding of the question or issue and the key concepts involved. . XXXXX Depth of analysis and/or critique in response to the task ? XXXX Familiarity with and relevance of professional and/or research literature used to support response ? XXXX Structure and organisation of response ? XXXX Presentation of response according to appropriate academic and linguistic conventions ? XXXX GENERAL COMMENTS/RECOMMENDATIONS FOR NEXT TIME

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