Language development

Project descriptionplease no more than 5% copy.This is a respond task, respond to key questions which guide you to analyse the theories presented in Units 1 and 2 of this subject. (1200 words)1.Select 2 of the following four questions. Write a response of 550-650 words on each.In each answer, you must draw upon (a) the set textbook (Lightbown & Spada) and (b) at least one other reading from the subject book of readings. You may use further references as well, but you must show close and critical reading of (a) and (b).1.Language teachers need to pitch their lessons to suit the level of their students. By drawing on a variety of theoretical perspectives, explain why such teacher-led adjustments play a vital role in the successful teaching and learning of languages.2.The notions of i+1 and ZPD can appear similar at a superficial level; however they are founded on quite different assumptions about language learning. Explain what these assumptions are and how they differ from each other.3.Pair work has been described as the engine-room of many current second language classrooms. It is used daily in language classrooms around the world. Explain, with reference to theorists we have studied, how pair work helps teachers and students achieve outcomes seen to be beneficial to the learning of languages.4.How do both cognitive and socio-cultural theories of language learning explain possible differences between the course of L1 development and L2 development?Word count:The word count excludes appendices and references. No more than 2% of your work can be quoted material.???-Added on 31.08.2015 03:02Referencing your sources: How languages are learned, by Lightbown, Spada from Yanna Nadi The above is the required reference for this assignment.In-text referencing and the reference list must follow the Harvard(UTS) style. See Appendix 3 for guidance and examples, and the Library website at referencing-guide for further details.You are expected to have completed the Avoiding Plagiarism tutorials and quiz before submitting your assessment task, and are fully aware of ethical academic conduct. See also Appendix 4 regarding Cheating and Plagiarism.Assessment criteria linkages:Criteria Weight (% weighting of each criteria within the overall task) Subject Learning Objective (at leastone Subject Objective per criteria) Course Intended Learning Outcome (one CILO per criteria)a. explains key concepts relating to language development 40 (a) 2.1 analyse and synthesise research and engage in inquiryb. analyses linguistic, psychological & social dimensions of learning 40 (b) 3.2 respect diverse societies and cultures and demonstrate inclusive practicesc. produces accurate and cohesive written English, with correct citation & referencing 20 (d) 6.2 Exhibit high level numeracy and literaciesHere is some of the Frequently asked questions that you might find it useful.When is the task due?5 pm, Friday 4 September, 2015Can I just email my assignment to my lecturer?No. ALL (weekly and distance) students must submit a softcopy in Turnitin on or by the due dateONLY weekly students must also submit a hardcopy of the assignment to the white assignment box in the foyer of Level 9, Bldg 10Is it OK to write my assignment in dot points?No. Each of your responses must be presented as a cohesive academic text: use paragraphing and complete sentences to structure your response.Can I write 800 words for one question and 400 words for the other, so long as they add up to 1200 words?No. Each response must be between 550 and 650 words.Will I get a chance to resubmit if my submission doesnt make the mark?Not necessarily. Resubmission will be offered at the discretion of your lecturer and subject coordinator. Regular class attendance (or participation on online forums, in the case of distance students), and a genuine effort in the first attempt would be major factors in considering an offer to allow you to resubmit.Where can I get help if I need some help in my academic writing?UTS HELPS is the service available to assist students with their academic English and literacy needs. Find out more about them at: it OK to use APA if I dont know the Harvard (UTS) referencing system?No, its not OK. The Harvard (UTS) system is the system you must use, and there is a guide at I get more marks if I have a very long reference list?Not necessarily. What is more important than how many references you use is how well you have selected the references and how closely and critically you have engaged with the ideas from the references to answer the questions. It is better to use the minimum required references well, than many references superficially.Im not sure if I fully understand how to paraphrase. Where can I get help?A good place to start is the set of tutorials about academic writing at: it OK if my assignment is a little bit late?No, its not OK. Consistent with the Facultys Student Study Guide 2015 are to be submitted by the due date unless an extension of time is approved beforehand. Where subjects are assessed cumulatively and progressively (as most are) you must submit all required work on time and achieve a pass standard overall. Unless an extension has been granted by prior arrangement with your tutor or special circumstances apply, late assignments may be penalised at the following rates:-minus 10% (of total possible mark for an assessment task) for the first week or any part thereof;-minus 30% (of total possible mark for an assessment task) for 2nd week or any part thereof;-minus 50% (of total possible mark for an assessment task) for 3rd week or any part thereof.-minus 100% (of total possible mark for an assessment task) for 4th week or any part thereof.How do I apply for an extension?If there are reasons beyond your control that warrant the granting of an extension of up to 1 week, you should contact your lecturer and make a request, providing evidence and reason for your request. If you need more than 1 week extension, you must apply for Special Consideration on or by the due there guidelines for formatting the assignment?Please follow the following guide:-12 point font-1.5 or double spaced-Minimum of 2 cm margins top, bottom and sides-Page number on each page-Indentation at start of new paragraph-Harvard(UTS) referencing style for in-text citation and reference list (no footnotes or endnotes)Weekly students may print their assignments double-sided to save paper.Do I have to attach a particular coversheet to my assignment?Yes. The coversheet that is required is available on UTSOnline. Please make sure you fill in all of the details, sign and date it. You will need to submit this for your softcopy submission too.How do I cite information on my lecturers slides?You dont because you are expected to go to the original source of what your lecturer presents. Your lecturer is presenting a distillation and their synthesis of other scholars in the field of Language Development/ Second Language Acquisition, so you should use their slides as a guide to where you can find out more precisely and in more depth on the topic your lecturer presents.Do I need a separate reference list for each question?No. Prepare and include one reference list that lists all the references you cited in your assignment.Can I write one essay that addresses two of the questions, because they are all quite similar.No. Each of the questions have quite specific issues/ problems for you to address, and you are required to address each of the two you select individually, specifically and closely.Do I n :)Category: Best Essay Writing Services-UK

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