Issues in Comparative Criminal Justice

Topic:Issues in Comparative Criminal JusticeDescription: [?]Preferred language style: English (U.K.)The reference style should be AGLC (Australian guide to legal citation)Please I need more focuse in this:((Written Discuss (check for the help you need)ionThe student is asked to Discuss (check for the help you need) in an analytical manner the followingquestion: Compare acontrast two key aspects of the Adversarial, Inquisitorial and Islamiccriminal justice: what arethe similarities in aims and objectives? What are the differences?The word limit is 1500 with 10% rule applying. You will submit thisproposal electronically, byfollowing the rules under ?Additional Information ? Submission of Written Work?.Initial ReadingsTo facilitate yourtask, some readings are provided below:In General, a good introduction to the language and concepts toconsider in thistaskcan befound in:Daly, K. (2006) ?Aims of the Criminal Justice System? in Crime andjustice: a guide tocriminology , in Goldsmith A., Israel, M., Daly, K. Sydney : Lawbook Co., ch 132010? Autumn Session Page 20 of 31Also a general book to refer to is:Vogler, R. (2005) A world view of criminal justice, Aldershot, Hants,England : AshgateIn more details, consult the following:? Belinda Wells and Michael Burnett, ?When Cultures Collide: AnAustralian Citizen?s Powerto Demand the Death Penalty Under Islamic Law? (2000). The Sydney Law Review? Francis Pakes, The Changing Nature of Adversarial, Inquisitorial andIslamic Trials, inDavid, ?et al? (eds) Applying Psychology to Criminal Justice (2007) P 251- 262.A session during the final day will be dedicated to teasing out thesimilarities and differencesbetween Adversarial, Inquisitorial and Islamic criminal justiceprocesses and aims. Thisshould help you to develop some ideas for thistask.Remember: this is a researchtask, so an essay format is required.This means that thewritten Discuss (check for the help you need)ion will be based on academic readings and articlesfrom relevant materials(from governmental documents to academic articles). The materiallisted above should beconsidered as a starting point only. Therefore, the usual librarysearch is recommended;students can access more academic articles via e-library)).Please have a look at Assessment Criteria, because i realy need to getgood mark no less than 20 out of 30, so Assessment Criteria will belike that,Outstanding( 22-25 )The Concepts under Discuss (check for the help you need)ion, where pertinent, are criticallyassessed. The implications of the concept underDiscuss (check for the help you need)ion for practice are evaluated. Evidence is always provided tosupport arguments, and it is relevant andassessed in terms of its broader applicability to practice. The workis well constructed and stylistically sophisticated.Ideas drawn from the study material and other sources are correctlyreferenced. Students demonstrate excellentsearch strategies to find relevant, scholarly information, including awide range of resources to obtain that information.Good(18 ? 21)Concepts under Discuss (check for the help you need)ion are explained, where this is pertinent. Thereasons underpinning the use of particularconcepts in specific situations are explained. Evidence is oftenprovided to support arguments, and it is relevant.Almost all sentences are well constructed and there are few if anytypographical or spelling errors. Ideas drawn fromthe study material are referenced. Students demonstrate good searchstrategies to find relevant, scholarly information,including a number of resources other than supplied/recommended readings.Adequate(13 ? 17)Information is provided on key aspects of the concepts underDiscuss (check for the help you need)ion. Real world situations to which theconcepts under Discuss (check for the help you need)ion apply are identified. Some relevant evidenceis provided to support arguments. Sentencesare generally well constructed, although there are several distractingtypographical or spelling errors. Ideas found inthe study material are referenced sufficiently enough to show thatthey have been read, although they may not beclearly referenced in and of themselves. Students demonstrate adequatesearch strategies to find relevant, scholarlyinformation, including reference to most supplied/recommended readings.Inadequate(0 ? 12.5)The concepts under Discuss (check for the help you need)ion are not understood. The concepts are notapplied to real world situations. Scantevidence provided to support arguments, or evidence and examples arenot relevant or explained. Sentences are notwell constructed and there are frequent typographical and spellingerrors. There is scant or no reference to the studymaterials in the subject.i attached some articles and use them in this essay as well.Category: Law

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