International Business Environment

International Business EnvironmentCompare and contrast the activities of two companies (of your choice) in the same industrial sector to develop new technology to sustain their competitive edge.Project description International Business EnvironmentThis is an individual assignment. It will constitute 100% overall. You are asked to write an essay-style answer of about 3000 words on the topic. You are expected to develop your own arguments, based on your own critical reflection. You are expected to use research-based academic work, such as journal articles, books, and othersources. Remember to provide full references, using Harvard referencing, at the end of each answer for any material that you refer to.Assessment Criteria: For this question, a competent answer will be concise, accurate and clearly written in your own words. It will put forward your individual analysis of the issues raised, rather than merely offer adescriptive account. It will be logically organised and contain a conclusion. Your assignment should also consider and apply the relevant theories and your arguments should be supported by drawing on relevant literature and examples from international business.Where you draw on the views, words and research of others, these will be acknowledged as references and cited clearly in your answer conforming to the Harvard referencing system. The Generic PG assessment criteria are attached as well as a module interpretation in the form of a mark sheet. 1. Firstly, the work SHOULD start by introducing innovation proper as it relates to a particular chosen industry 2. Secondly, Apply the theories of internalization directly to the two (2) companies chosen. Therefore work should not be DESCRIPTIVE but rather CRITICALLY ANALYSED.QUESTION: 1. The competitive battle between companies such as Apple and Samsung demonstrate the importance of sustaining a culture of and commitment to innovation. Compare and contrast the activities of two companies (of your choice) in the same industrial sector to develop new technology to sustain their competitive edge. (Your answer should include a critical analysis of which company you think will be more successful in sustaining its competitive advantage in the longer term. You also need to make use ofrelevant theories to support your analysis).Assessment Criteria Criteria Details Marks Allocated Actual Relevance The Relevance of the work examined to its selected question. 20% Knowledge The work should have a substantial knowledge of relevant material, showing a clear grasp of themes, questions and issues therein. 20% Analysis The analysis should be comprehensive, clear and orderly. 20% Argument and Structure The argument should be well supported, focussed, clear and logically structured. 10% Critical Evaluation The work should contain distinctive or independent thinking; and formulate an independent position in relation to theory and/or practice. 20% Presentation The work is well written, with standard spelling and grammar, in a readable style with acceptable format. 5% Reference to Literature Critical appraisal of up-to-date and/or appropriate literature. Recognition of different perspectives. Very good use of a wide range of sophisticated source material. 5% Total Marks 100%NOTE: 1. The work SHOULD an exemplary and clear evidence of a complete grasp of the knowledge, understanding and skills appropriate to the Level of the qualification. There is also sample excellentevidence showing that all the learning outcomes and responsibilities appropriate to that Level are fully satisfied. At this level it is expected that the work will be exemplary in all the categoriescited above. It will demonstrate a particularly compelling evaluation, originality, and elegance of argument, interpretation or discourse.:

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