intercultural competence.

intercultural competence. Write a couple of paragraphs for each. PLEASE use your own words. Copying material from the text or another is plagiarism without a proper citation. Even then filling your answers up with quotes will hurt your evaluation. This is for Intercultural Communication Studies in context. (Sixth Edition)written by Judith N. Martin and Thomas K. Nakayama. Topics1. Summarize and analyze chapter 10. 2. Summarize and analyze chapter 12 of the text. 3. Describe and analyze the interaction of context and intercultural communication. 4. Describe and analyze one major strategy or tactic to improve intercultural competence. 5. What are the strong points of the textbook? Explain. 6. What are the weak points of the textbook? Explain. 7. Summarize and analyze the building coalitions approach to intercultural competence. 8. Identify and give the significance of stereotypes. :

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