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Task: Create a presentation designed to persuade your intended audience of a better way forward for a specific work environment topic. It does not have to be something that is wrong but something that you see an opportunity for doing differently. Your presentation will include notes and an introduction that identifies the audience for which it is intended.Process finding a topic: Look around your organization?s environment and find that one thing you wish could be different. It might be recycling; it might be lighting; it might be the color scheme (or lack thereof) in the area in which you work; it might be the image your entrance makes to visitors; it might be a waiting area; it might be the way announcements are circulated; it might be a filing system; or it might be allowing the public use of an employee break room. The context is from your perspective and your preferences for a better way going forward.Creating your Presentation: Once you have you have that ?one thing? from your organization?s environment, you are going to create a presentation that could be delivered in person or circulated throughout a designated decision-making group. Using the tips and recommendations from our textbook, you will create your message and design a presentation that can persuade a group or audience and inspire them to action.If you were delivering the presentation in person, a trained professional would create each presentation slide with presentation notes for their verbal delivery. It is also an accepted practice to circulate a presentation with full sentence and clarification of facts and references in the notes section that can be read along with each slide by the recipient of the presentation.The notes section is important for clarity of your message in this type of delivery since you would not be face to face with your audience. A sample presentation with examples of notes sections is provided for your review. The sample presentation is very basic and might be too simple for the purpose of your presentation because you may need a more thorough introduction or conclusion. But, it provides an example of how you can illustrate your points as well as articulate them with excellent written communication.Submitting your Presentation: Submit the final draft of your presentation to the assignment link in the week five menu. Be sure you have proofread your slides and your notes sections. In fact, practice the presentation and read your notes out loud. This reading brings out language skills errors that you can correct before you turn in your final draft. You will be evaluated on your content organization, language skills (grammar), punctuation, and effective use of visual slide content in conjunction with the notes section. As with any professionally excellent delivery of a presentation, you would not simply read the slide content but use the slide content to guide your words or message.

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