In President George Washington’s Farewell Address, he gave three major pieces of advice to the United States.

In President George Washington?s Farewell Address, he gave three major pieces of advice to the United States.First, he reminded the country that we should remain neutral in the long-term, disdaining permanent alliances. Secondly, he warned against the influence of political parties, urging Americans to refrain from joining them. Thirdly, he advised Americans to do what was best for the country as a whole instead of worrying about what was best for their own individual sections of the country.Of course, today we have many permanent alliances, political parties are entrenched, and most politicians worry about how to best use the political system to get projects for their own states in order to better remain in office.Did Washington give good advice?Why did the United States ignore that advice?Did we make a good decision in doing so, or would we be better off having followed his advice?How would the world be different today if we had followed Washington?s advice?

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