Improve the quality of a wireless link in Antenna Diversity Research/Project Proposal

Topic : Improve the quality of a wireless link in Antenna DiversityResearch/Project Proposal? Structure of research project proposal? introduction 😕 indentify your field of research ( or for )? research problem definition ( or problem statement )? aims and objectives? research performance criteria and outcomes specification? literature review 😕 tracing the origin of ideas? critical assessment of the state ?of-the-art? establishing significance ( scientific , social , cultural , economical and environmental ) and innovation of the proposedresearch? Research approach, methodology and planning? approach-routine, modified/improved, novel/new? detailed formulation/techniques-description, math, figures/tables? facilities required for the conduct of the proposed research? workplan, Gantt chart? Justification or evidence for a successful outcome of the proposed research project, e.g., preliminary investigationresults or findings? ReferencesRequirement 😕 Microsoft Word? Times Roman, Arial, or Tahoma 12pt font, 1.5line spacing, margins 2cms.? All pages are to be numbered in the bottom right hand corner? Include a title page, a contents page, a reference page, clear headings for all sections of the work, and appendices ifrequired.? The work must be correctly cited and referenced using the Harvard Referencing system.? It is expected that the work use a range of good quality academic and business articles to develop the work. Wikipedia isnot acceptable quality sources.? The work will be checked on the Turnitin, So, please make sure the Plagiarism cannot be accepted? Could your read the files which I upload them to get idea and more info? Make sure the the research is about the topic about and make all sentence is specific and related to the topic not generalinformation? There is file call ? main file ? , can you please read it and I wanna get something related to like this one but moreprofessional and academic .? Do not forget to give more info in math part? Do not forget to give some Gantt chart and work plan with analyzing them .? It must be cover all points which maintain in Structure of research project proposal .? I?m required 10 references so could you make them mix between book and from internet not all of them internetCategory: Editing

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