Implementation of state policies breaches individual freedom of religious practic

Implementation of state policies breaches individual freedom of religious practicThis assignment is a literature review at a master level. I also need to provide you with sample of literate review plus the instructions to follow. I need to attach them here, but no such a option for attachment is provided. You must use footnotes(endnotes) with chicago manual of citation ."To what extent do the tactics and policies that States implement in the name of anti-terrorism infringe on individual freedom of religious practice, as recognized by international treaty". Following is the details and research problem/question/etc. all you need is to do a literature review using your own sources. I will provide you in the additional files section with sample of literature review so that you follow that specific sample when writing this. make sure it is footnotes(endnotes) and bibliography.following are the requirements you need to follow when writing thisWhat type of argumentation does the paper adopt and apply?What type of data does it use?How is the data collected?Are you satisfied with the quality and validity of their data?Are you convinced by their arguments and conclusions? Explain how you could examine their arguments critically?Did you like the paper?What do you think is the contribution of this paper to legal knowledge and practice?!

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