Immunology and Infectious Diseases

To be submitted electronically on Blackboard via turnitin (details available on Blackboard), penalties will apply for late submission.Question 1 -5 Listen to the first segment of the Patient Zero Radiolab Podcast (Control + click on link to access the podcast. ) Then answer the following questions. Specifically how did Mary Mallon spread typhoid bacteria (Salmonella typhi ) to the families she cooked for, as cooking food kills bacteria? [1 mark]2. Mary Mallon was an intermittent carrier of typhoid. What does that mean? [1 mark]3. Did Mallon believe she was sick and dangerous? Why or why not? [1 mark]4. How did the health department officials initially deal with Mallon, once she was identified as a typhoid carrier? In your own opinion do you think her treatment was fair? Explain why you have this opinion . [1 mark]5. A few years later after being rele ased, Mary was re-quarantined. In your opinion d o you think her treatment was fair this time ? Explain why you have this opinion, especially if you have changed from Q4? [1 mark] Question 6 -7 The following questions relate to immunisation. You should cite whatever references you use, including the immunisation handbook. 6. In the 10 th edition of The Australian Immunisation Handbook it states regarding Pertussis that dTPa vaccine is recommended as a single dose, given either during pre -pregnancy planning, or a soon as possible after delivery of the infant (preferably before hospital discharge). If the mother has already been vaccinated for whooping cough explain the reasons behind this recommendation . [2 marks] 7. Prior to the introduction of vaccines a gainst Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), invasive disease (including meningitis and epiglottitis) caused by Hib rarely occurred in those over 5 years of age. Explain why only young children developed invasive disease, why older children and adults rarely developed invasive disease and what implications this had for the development of an effective vaccine which would protect young children . [3 marks]Question 8 The following question is related to the lecture on pyogenic cocci. If you use any references in addition to the lecture notes you should cite them. You will need The Australian Immunisation Handbook which is downloadable in pdf format from blackboard to answer this question.8. For protection against both pneumococcal and meningococcal diseases, there are polysaccharide and conjugate vaccines available. What circumstances determine which vaccines a medical professional might choose for a patient? [5 marks]IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS Cite the sources of information used for each question in one of the standard formats. The Vancouver system is preferred. When books are cited it?s necessary to give the page numbers involved. Up to 20% reduction in marks may occur for lack of referencing, or errors in referencing. Unless they are given as quotations do not copy exact passages from textbooks as this is plagiarism. You must paraphrase material by using your own words to demonstrate understanding. Direct copying from reference sources or other students (past or present) is unacceptable. A zero mark will be awarded where plagiarism is detected ? this includes allowing your work to be copied by others.:

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