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I will upload my research paper and I would like you to continue on working on it. Here are the guideline: The company is Exxon mobil, select a specific branded product which can be either a good or a service. Then profile consumer segment for that product, and develop a marketing plan for successfully attracting patronage from the targeted consumer segment. prepare to type write report of your product/market plan. Your efforts will be guided by the course content, concentrating on the principles of consumer behavior presented in the text(consumer behavior: buying, having, and being. Author: solomon Michael R.) Also I am not sure.My draft4/5/14Exxon MobilExxon Mobil is a multinational gas and oil company that is headquartered in Texas, United States. It was established in 1999 through a merger between Mobil and Exxon (ExxonMobil). The company is the largest among the world?s oil super majors. This report will primarily focus on the ExxonMobil Lubricant brand, which forms a major product line for the company.Consumer SegmentThere are three major consumer segments for the ExxonMobil Lubricant product, which include the automotive market segment, industrial market segment, as well as the fuel and refinery market segment (Mang 58). Although the use of lubricant products is seemingly similar, different machineries usually require some specifications and customization. In this regard, these three market segments significantly reside in different industries that have different machineries. This means that the lubricant used in industries should be distinct as compared to that used in the fuel and refinery industry, as well as that used in automobiles, especially in respect to the product content and the packaging features. More importantly, these market segments offer a great market potential for the company?s brand because the global demand for lubricants is projected to rise in these three segments by 2.3% yearly. In addition, the emerging markets like South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, will lead the gains due to the rising vehicle ownership, as well as the ongoing industrialization (Kamp 226). What is more, the process oils and hydraulic fluids are anticipated to out-pace engine oils because of longer drain intervals.Marketing PlanThe marketing plan for enhancing the sales growth the ExxonMobil Lubricant product will particularly be based on the marketing mix strategy. For that reason, this marketing plan will focus on the product, promotion, pricing, and place marketing mix elements.ProductProduct quality will be the main emphasis in regard to the product element. Specifically, the quality of the product will be defined from the consumers? point of view, with a key focus on meeting the customers? needs satisfactorily (Nazir 119). Through intensive research and product development, various product lines within the brand would be produced in order to enhance better customer satisfaction. Each market segment would be offered a distinct product that suits their operations and needs for lubrication. The packaging would also be enhanced and would be used as the primary tool of advertising and brand positioning. This includes improving the features of the product package.PromotionAn integrated marketing promotion would be used with an objective of enhancing the awareness of the brand in the market, reinforcing sales growth, as well as informing the customers of the new changes effected to the brand. This integrated marketing promotion would include ads, sales promotion, public relations, as well as event sponsorships. Most importantly, all marketing communications would be aligned to the overall marketing objective of the brand and would be disseminated in an integrated manner. This means that each of the marketing promotion program, including ads, sales promotion, public relations and event sponsorships, would all carry along the same message at any given campaign. In addition, the advertising messages would be disseminated through various media, including billboards, television, print media, point of sale ads, as well as internet and social media network platforms (Rust, Katherine and Valarie 124). The sales promotions would include price and quantity discounts, as well as sample offers. These would be meant to attract more customers to try newly developed lubricant products and increase return purchases. In addition, sales promotions would also be used to reinforce the sales volume of a mature product in the market. Lastly, both public relations and event sponsorships would be used to enhance the positive brand image of the product (Solomon 95).PlaceThorough distribution, practice would be carried out in order to ensure the product brand is easily accessible by the target customers across all consumer segments. The company would use all its retail outlets, as well as its authorized sales agents across the global market. This would significantly enhance a greater reach of the company?s lubricant products. In addition, effective training program would be rolled out to all distributors to make them aware of the use, benefits, and functions of the product so that they can communicate the same knowledge to customers.PricingBecause the lubricant industry is very competitive, competitive pricing strategy will be used by the company. This will involve taking into account the competitors? prices, along with the cost of production and the company?s overall objective. However, production of quality products that suits the real time market needs will be the core differentiating product element that will distinguish the company?s products from those of competitors?, and thereby enhance sales growth (Gr?nroos 16).ConclusionIn conclusion, the lubricant industry is highly competitive, and this marketing plan will be very strategic in strengthening the competitive advantage of the company. Nevertheless, for this marketing plan to be effective, it should be implemented effectively, and project monitoring and evaluation systems should be put in place so as to enhance its success..Category: Academic paper, Best Essay Writing Services-UK

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