Human services innovation brief

Prepare a briefing paper on one ?recent? human services innovation(Australia or overseas). Critically examine its:? Characteristics (what is it?),? Logic for its introduction (rationale and context for the innovation)? Current or potential contribution to policy (evaluate its use)? Link this Discuss (check for the help you need)ion to processes of social? demographic and political change(those which are deemed relevant)Examples of innovations include: case management; consumer-directed care;Service contracting arrangements; improvements in the coordination ofServices; or the development of innovative servicing arrangements for aParticular groupThe purpose of organisational structureOrganisational structures (Daft 2010):? Designate formal reporting relationships, including hierarchical levels andthe scope of responsibility different roles within the organisation.? Designates functional areas and groups people into those functional areas.? Situates functional areas within the entire organization.? Determines how communication occurs between levels and across functionalAreas.Organizational Design Principles? Identify the core values of the organisation.? Consider the degree of standardisation of work activities. Where theactivity is repetitive, where the output is standardised, efficiencies canbe gained from job specialisation.? Consider how jobs can be grouped. Suggests coordination via commonsupervision, common resources, performance measures and taskexpectations. Three bases of grouping:? By function performed (policy and research, administration)? By service type (case management, assessment, intervention)? By population served (target client group, geography, service sector)

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