how corporations operate as the core of the U.S. economy

how corporations operate as the core of the U.S. economyPaper instructions: Question #1: Explain how corporations operate as the core of the U.S. economy. How has the globalization of the economy made many corporations much larger? (word limit: 250 words)Question #2: How are race and ethnicity dimensions of social stratification in the United States? Provide evidence that many racial and ethnic categories of people are minorities?both visibleand socially disadvantaged. Consider ways in which race and ethnicity combine with gender and class. (word limit: 250 words)Question #3: Describe trends in the U.S. labor force over the course of the last century. What technological changes have accompanied the shift from agricultural work to blue-collar work andthen to white-collar service jobs? Consider rural-urban residential patterns, family patterns, and the relationship between work and home. (word limit: 250 words)Question #4: Many people consider the United States to be a middle-class society. Based on the course material, explain why people think this way and also evaluate the degree of truth tothis claim. (word limit: 250 words)The professor will only read the first 250 words per question.Sociology, 14th edition by John Macionis (Prentice Hall)Seeing Ourselves, 8th ed., Macionis and Benokraitis (Prentice H:

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