History american history

History american historyProject description Please answer ONE of the following questions in detail.1. In what ways have debates about slavery informed the development of the American nation. This question is meant to be cumulative. Thus an A answer will include information on early slavery,slavery in old world vs. new, slavery in south vs. north, slavery as a political questions, civil war, reconstruction, etc.2. Discuss religion in American life. How has it been significant? THink abou tissues such as early colonies, slavery, abolition, the Great Awakening, north vs. south, protestant vs. catholic vs.evangelical.3. In what ways has the changing economy shaped the development of America.All answers MUST include information from at least three points in history (early, colonial, revolutionary, antebellum, industrical, civil war, reconstruction?).All essays must use information from more than one class source (Brinkley and videos).All essays must cite sources. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Do not simply copy informaiton from other web sites. This should be your work.Lenght is not a determinate of grade. A long essay may still be a bad one but I would think that you would need 5-7 pages to adequately answer any of these questions.:

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