Heat treatment of the aluminium alloy

? Introduction -Describe is the aim of the work? Experimental Method -Describe the samples, how they were prepared, equipmentused. This should be in sufficient detail that a reader could repeat your experiment.? Results ? Includes raw data, photos and graphs illustrating the results. This section should not include your interpretation ?? Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion ? Provides your interpretation of the results. Link results to models or theory. Ensure that your interpretation is presented in a clear and logical way that the reader can follow. Use diagrams or reference material as support if appropriate.? Conclusion ? Provide a short conclusion or summary. With the introduction, this should describe what the report is about.? References ? References for any information/diagrams/picturesAuthor name, Title of Publication, Publisher, Year of Publication, page number Full web address (must be a reputable site)

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