Health Communication

Health CommunicationProject descriptionInstructions: Read the statement below, answer the three question,follow expectations and use recommended references as well as additional references.Hurricane Sandy was the 18th named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It was also referred to as Superstorm Sandy. Its track left a path of damage from the Caribbean to the Bahamas, Florida, North Carolina, the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. It then merged with the polar jet stream and an arriving cold front, slamming into southern New Jersey.1. Identify the Hurricane Sandy incident/outbreak for which risk communication was essential.2. Describe the situation that occurred and some statistics to display the severity of the incident.3. What types of communication/procedures were used during this incident? Provide examples on the information that was disseminated and how it aided in the situation.Expectations: APA Format, Times Roman, 12 Font, double space, in-text citation for all references, Cover page with heading, Introduction, Body with subtitles addressing each question, Conclusion, Reference Page.References:CDC. (2012). Emergency preparedness and Response. Hurricanes and Other Tropical Storms. Retrieved from (2011). Gateway to health communication & social marketing. Risk communication. from

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