GrasslandField Study Research Report FormatWhat is to be in your Field Study Research Report?Introduction:1. Describe the location of the study. 2. Describe the overall ecosystem being studied.Research: 1. Discuss what important abiotic elements including soil structure are in the ecosystem. 2. Discuss the producers, consumers (primary, secondary, tertiary), detritivores, and decomposers. Be sure you give the proper common name and scientific name. 3. Discuss any biodiversity (both species richness and evenness) of the ecosystem. 4. Discuss the trophic levels and food web of the ecosystem. Include the abundance of food at each trophic level in the ecosystem. 5. Discuss how species interact with each other in the ecosystem. Be sure to indicate what kind of symbiotic relationship (mutualism, commensalism, parasitism) exists between the different species. 6. Describe any competition (intraspecies or interspecies) in the ecosystem. 7. What are the climax, pioneer, keystone, and edge species in the ecosystem? 8. Describe any animal nesting, breeding or other behaviors exhibited in the ecosystem. 9. Describe the changes that occur in the ecosystem throughout the seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). 10. Is the ecosystem you are researching a climax community? If so, why? If not, why?Conclusion: 1. What did you learn that struck you as fascinating by studying this ecosystem?ReferencesYour report must be in a term paper format. Pictures/photos may be in your report but placed in the report as evidence to support your discussion. That is, the photo cannot stand on it?s own. All photos MUST be supported by written discussion within your paper.Here is a suggested format for your Report: Title page Introduction of the ecosystem, such as, where is the ecosystem, what is the area (size) of the ecosystem, some basic descriptive information so that someone can understand what this ecosystem looks like without a photo. Research of the ecosystem, answer the questions above. Conclusion, what did you learn by studying the ecosystem. References, follow MLA format.:

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