Global Perspectives

please read Global Perspectives: a Handbook for Understanding Global Issue by Kelleher and Klein, Chapter 4please read Flannery, T., The Weather Makers (pp. 290-301)and please answer these questions below From Kelleher and Klein, chapter 4:what is the main difference between the economic development/industrialization vs. basic needs approaches to poverty in the third world? Given what we have read already, which of them would make global warming worse? Why? How does the inequality within poor countries contribute to the problem of poverty in those countries? How is local inequality within a country tied to larger inequalities of Global Capitalism between countries? Given this basic issue, would an economic development or basic needs strategy seem more appropriate? Why?We have already read about the problems of population growth in poor countries, and here the issue recurs. What is the basic problem of overpopulation, and how does that affect poverty in a country? How did colonialism actually make this happen?What factors make Namibia ripe for the basic needs/sustainable economy strategy rather than the econ growth strategy? How would each strategy in Namibia influence global warming?Now read over Flannery?s two chapters on a Carbon Dictatorship and Time?s Up. What are his main points in these two chapters?Application 1 : OK, now to the crux of the matter. Given Flannery?s warning that time is rapidly running out, coupled with the problems poor countries face in a global capitalist economy, we can now start to think about global solutions to Global Warming in terms of how we help poor nations and people do better. Use the big debate between economic growth vs basic needs as the starting point. But add in all we have talked about global warming, especially Flannery?s ideas about how we decrease carbon and other greenhouse gasses. Can we create a way to regulate carbon emissions on a global level that actually helps poor nations while decreasing carbon emissions? Or even reduce them? How would that work (think about growth vs basic needs strategies, and apply some of the examples in the book)? Application 2: This question is very much part of the debates about globalization, because the reason Global Warming is happening is based on the industrialization model, and the desire for industrialization coupled with all those extra people in poverty spells calamity in the near future, mostly for all those poor people in those countries that want to industrialize. Why is that? Why does a hotter world make this Discuss (check for the help you need)ion even more important? That is, what have you learned so far from Flannery that tells us why global warming will harm people in the poor countries the most?important note: please finish the paper before 9 am on thursday..

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