Global and International Business

Global and International BusinessYou are employed by a multinational company with headquarters in the UK. The company has a diverse set of products and services offered around the world. Recently the top management of your company suggested further expansion of its international operations to South Africa. Your department is responsible for assessing business opportunities and developing an initial feasibility report. You are required to carry out necessary research and construct an analysis of the overall competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the South African food retail industry. You may use any published sources of information in this task, such as books, academic journals, periodicals or newspapers, web resources and relevant databases.Part 1: Porter?s National Diamond Analysis (60 marks)Using relevant information and databases you are required to apply an extended version of Porter?s National Diamond (PND) model for the construction of the country analysis.Part 2: Contemporary Management Issues (30 marks)Based on your research identify and explain TWO key management issues that should be taken into account before opening operations in the South African food retail industry.Part 3: ? Market Entry Strategy (10 marks)Discuss (check for the help you need) and justify a possible market entry strategy in the specific country environment drawing clear conclusions and recommendations to the top management of the company considering business opportunities in South Africa.

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