game theory?Terrorism Risk Assessment and Management (TRAM)

game theory?Terrorism Risk Assessment and Management (TRAM)?Event-tree model?Biological Threat Risk Assessment (BTRA)?Maritime Security Risk Analysis Model (MSRAM)?Decision Support Systems ? HAZards U.S.?Multi-hazard (HAZUS-MH)?Chemical Threat Risk Assessment (CTRA)The analysis should determine threat, vulnerability, and consequence assessment validity and reliability. It should also identify at least one strength and one weakness for each methodology.The criteria for assessing the methodologies can be found in Review of the Department of Homeland Security?s Approach to Risk Analysis (2010).The PowerPoint presentation should be approximately 17?22 slides. Include one slide each for the introduction and summary and three slides per methodology. You should be able to completethe Assignment using only course materials, but you can use outside evaluation sources.:

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