Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations

Please post responses to three of the following questions. Short responses needed for each questions. One Page TOTAL (NO MORE THAN THAT)1) Every country faces the decisions of what services should be produced, how they should be produced, how they should bedistributed, and how to allow for growth and innovation? Comment on how these decisions are currently being made in theUnited States? Additionally, what are the various purposes that prices serve? Can you provide an example of how aparticular purpose of price has affected an organization you are familiar with?2) If fewer high school graduates pursue a career in nursing, what effects will this have on medical care markets? Ifnational health care reform is estimated to increase the number of insured consumers by 30 million, what effect will adecline in nursing graduates have?3) Prices serve various purposes. For each purpose, give an application of the use of prices, or its lack thereof, in themedical care industry?:

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