Financial Analysis and Forecast of Coca-Cola (KO)

1. Download financial data for KO2. Discuss (check for the help you need) the financial situation of KO. Make sure that you Discuss (check for the help you need) liquidity, asset management, debt management, profitability, and market valuation. Benchmark against PEP ( Pepsi Corporation).3. Use business graphics to display RESULTS NOT Calculations.4. Based on ratio analysis, is the stock cheap or expensive? Discuss (check for the help you need).5. Prepare a 2014 sales forecast based on the past 5 years. Include Average growth rate, Geometric growth rate, and growth rate from (straight ?line) regression. Discuss (check for the help you need) your sales (revenues) growth forecast.6. Compute the 2014:Capital intensity ratioSpontaneous liabilities to sales ratioNet profit marginDividend payout ratio7. Compute the external financing requirements for your sales forecast8. Discuss (check for the help you need) the results of the external financing requirements and what is means to KO9. Use the % of sales method to forecast the 2014 Income statement assuming 2014 interest expense = 2013 interest expense.10. How does your 2014 forecast compare to the 2014 Value Line Forecast?Dividends Paid $(302,000.00) $(284,000.00) $(251,000.00)Sale Purchase of Stock $(385,000.00) $(378,000.00) $(502,000.00)Net Borrowings $(185,000.00) 50,000 600,000Other Cash Flows from Financing Activities $(14,000.00) $(3,000.00) $(3,000.00)Total Cash Flows From Financing Activities $(880,000.00) $(603,000.00) $(152,000.00)Effect Of Exchange Rate Changes $(4,000.00) 3,000 $(5,000.00)Change In Cash and Cash Equivalents $(213,000.00) $(335,000.00) 386,000Coca-Cola Co., liquidity ratios2013 2012 2011 2010 2009Current ratio 1.13 1.09 1.05 1.17 1.28Quick ratio 0.9 0.77 0.78 0.85 0.95Cash ratio 0.73 0.59 0.58 0.61 0.67Source: Based on data from Coca-Cola Co. Annual ReportsOrder for your custom written PAPER now!

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