Final Exam for BUS 120 Directi

Final Exam for BUS 120 Directions: You are to answer three (3) questions. Questions are equally weighted. Total is 150 points. Each answer is, essentially, a critical thinking essay. Best Practice: Avoid short answers that just scratch the service and do a poor job of demonstrating your subject matter knowledge. Answer the ?implied questions? of what is it all about, what does it all mean, and why do I care?Guidance: These questions are not easy to answer properly without demonstrating / synthesizing the bigger picture of management from within the framework of an organization. ? Always try to use examples, i.e., ?how applicable, why important, how come, so what, who cares, etc.? ? Present your essay answers in a cohesive and logical manner ? tying the theory / data / info / research into something tangible in management. ? Be thorough and logical in your approach to each question. Use specific examples to demonstrate subject / concept mastery.Scholarly Citations: You must use / employ parenthetical citations to demonstrate critical thinking / research skills. Each essay answer must include at least three (3) unique scholarly (peer reviewed) resources, one of which may be the textbook. This is a minimum requirement. Best practices would be three or more as dictated by the scope of your approach to each question. When answering an essay question, multiple parenthetical citations from a single scholarly source are normal and expected. Example, your essay answer may easily employ 12 parenthetical citations from a total of four unique sources.Reference Page: A reference page for each essay answer is expected and required.Level of effort. Every student is different. Rather than placing a three-hour time limit this exam (like one might expect to have in a classroom), you are allotted entire exam window to complete your work. How much is effort is enough? I would think about 1,000 words per question. With less effort, you will have difficulty demonstrating comprehensive understanding. If you write more than 1,250 words for each question, perhaps too much time and effort will be expended. A common sense approach is to error on the side of caution. That is about as much guidance as I can provide and still leave you the latitude to address each essay as you deem appropriate ? given your unique writing styles. Listen, you have been writing essays for me all term and you know what a 50-point scholarly essay looks like. ?THAT EXPERIENCE?, is your best indicator of what you need to do on this final exam.Submission ? Upload each of your essay answers to the specific applicable Turnitin link. Yes, there are three (3) Turnitin links ? one for each of your answers. Further, a title page, body of work page, and a reference page is expected for *** each *** essay question answer. Easy administrative requirement, as you have been doing it all term.Checklist: Pretend you are landing an airplane as a pilot for the ?first? time. ? Did I submit the essay to the right Turnitin link? ? Did I use three or more scholarly sources for each answer? ? Did I avoid basic Internet searches, Wikipedia, et al., as references? ? Did I include proper (and ample!) parenthetical citations in each answer? ? Did I use a citation for bold statements of fact? ? Did I define key terms and source the definition as applicable? ? Did I answer the question in a cogent manner? ? Did I take a ?cite / define / consider / apply / conclude? approach to each question? ? Did I use examples to drive home my mastery of the question / subject / concept being explored? ? If I quoted something directly (like a definition, or whatever), did I use ?? and include a page number ? example (Thompson Jr., Strickland III, & Gamble, 2015, p. 134)? ? If I am not sure my file uploaded, did I send a copy of my Final Exam to the Professor via email as a common sense back-up plan (i.e., you know, mitigating risk!).? Did I run spellcheck and review my essays for any grammatical issues and typos that spellchecker will / did not catch? ? Did I ask a 3rd party to review my work and receive some appropriate input?Answer three questions. Pool 3 has a choice of questions, so answer either, but only one. This will total ?three? essay answers. Before submitting, go back and reread the ?checklist?. Modify as required. Happy? Satisfied? Ready? Submit per directions to the PROPER Turnitin link on Blackboard before the due date.Suspect an issue or have a concern about the file making it through the Internet all the way to Blackboard? Send me an email to the class email address WITH your Final Exam ?Attached? BEFORE the due date.Pool 1: Two-part Question. a) Part 1: There are three (3) basic ?Styles? of Leadership. Name, define, and examine each in detail. Use pro / con examples to frame your answer to this question in a cohesive and logical manner. b) Part 2: Transition your essay to Discuss (check for the help you need) how the ?Big Five? personality traits may affect each style of leadership. This would include a detailed Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of how each trait may represent an advantage or disadvantage for each management style. Caution plagiarism ? cite your sources. Use ?? for direct quotes along with a page #. Pool 2: Two-part Question. a) Part 1: Briefly introduce the basics of a SWOT analysis. b) Part 2: Perform a brief SWOT on Saddleback College. Examine specific examples of each SWOT element. Since you are a student, focus your efforts from a student perspective, rather than some other stakeholder.Pool 3:? Answer one of these two questions 1. Ethics ? Two-part Question a) Briefly define / describe the four models of ethics and Discuss (check for the help you need) their managerial implications. Once completed, transition your essay to answer the following observation which is a combination of questions / suppositions. b) We keep studying ethics in business school and corporate seminars, but serious ethical and criminal transgressions continue to be pervasive ? seemingly bigger all the time! What gives? Why bother to study ethics? Is it doing any good? Alternative ideas?2. Michael Porter ? Two-part Question. a) Michael Porter presented a five forces framework to help top management of an organization to entertain / react to change. Name, define, and briefly examine the five forces. b) Once completed with that, transition your essay with an examination of Costco using Porter?s Five-Forces. Caution plagiarism ? cite your sources. Use ?? for direct quotes along with a page #..Category: Academic paper, Best Essay Writing Services-UK

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