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Executive Summary Castle?s Family restaurant has eight locations spread out in northern California. Jay Morgan acts as the human resource manager and operations manager. Jay Morgan is also responsible of doing the payroll and making the schedule. He travels to different locations to take care of all of that. Jay Morgan would like to not have to travel to different location and save money while also focusing more on the operations of the business. Since gas prices are going up really fast spending less time and money on traveling will give Jay Morgan more time to focus onFamily Restaurant Business Plan promoting the business. Jay Morgan has to come up with ways to promote the business because all the competitors are coming up with different ideas to bring customers into the restaurant. Since most of the employees are part-time Jay Morgan has to go to every location to take care of the payroll and scheduling. The plan is to show Jay Morgan how he can save time and money by using the Human Resources Information System (HRIS). HRIS will have fewer errors than manual entry. Once HRIS in loaded making a fiscal plan will show how much money is being saved and how effective it is. It will help Jay Morgan compete with competitors and be better then some competitors. Introduction Castle?s family owned business is a small business that is spread out in northern California area with eight different locations. Jay Morgan is the only manager and he acts as an operations and HR manager at the same time. Castle?s restaurants currently employ over 300 employees including full-time and part-time. Jay Morgan spends most of his time going around to different locations. He would like to stay at one place and take care of everything form his office. Jay Morgan feels like he could use some help from HRIS. HRIS will help Jay Morgan get everything done from his office. Which will save the company a lot of money and will reduce most of the human errors. Jay Morgan will also be able to better manage his time and put his time towards more important things. Company Review The family owned business currently has eight locations spread out in northern California. Castle?s family owned business is planning on opening a few newer locations to expand their customer base. The restaurant industry has been growing day-by-day with more then 990000 restaurants in the United States and still growing. Estimated sales for 2014 for the restaurant industry is approximately around $683.3 billion. Castle?s family restaurant currently employs over 300 employees Most of the employees are part-time and around 40% of the employees are full-time. Most of the stuff data entry payroll and many other things are still done manually. When the company starts to expand the company will have to hire more employees. This will make Jay Morgan?s job even harder and more stressful. As of now everything is done manually that includes payroll scheduling benefits and many other things. Jay Morgan has to travel to every location to get most of the work done which includes scheduling payroll and answering any questions. Jay Morgan uses Excel to take care of the payroll and has a different application to print them. He hands out paychecks to employees when he?s at the location. Employees have no way of getting their questions answer until Jay Morgan comes to the restaurant to visit. All of the things could be made easier by using HRIS software which will also reduce in human errors and make the process much faster for everything. Business Analysis Castle?s family restaurant has eight different locations spared out in Northern California. Everything is still done the old way by entering everything manually that includes payroll scheduling benefits and many more things. In order for the company to meet human resource (HR) needs the HRM system has to improve or use a new and efficient way to do things. Changing the HRM system will help the company manage many things differently and faster. In order for Jay Morgan to do things now including employee scheduling Jay Morgan has to go to the location. Sometime some things might not get done because of not having the right tools to get the job done. Going to every location to take care of things is a bit hectic and stressful. Where it s stressful for Jay Morgan the company is wasting a lot of money and time as well. Castle?s restaurant business could take advantage of the HRIS. By taking advantage of HRIS software and technology things could be made much simpler easier and could help the company grow. Also in order for the company to stay competitive with other same line companies Castle?s restaurant need to take advantage of HRIS software. HRIS software is the best way to find solution to most of the HR problems. HRIS helps you do many different things form your office or while your on the go. HRIS has made things like payroll scheduling befits and employee performance measurement made easier without going anywhere. There are a few risks to entering everything manually compared to using HRIS software. Amount of data that?s being entered every day by clerks it?s easy to make a mistake. When there are mistakes someone will have to go back and fix them that will cost the company a lot of money and it will be waste of time. This could lead for the company to lose the trust of employees. Since there is a lot of people that are living paycheck to paycheck. If they can?t get their paycheck as the right time they won?t be able to pay their bills on time. As of now all the tasks are done manually they have to rely on manual data entry for everything. Jay Morgan does the payroll manually as well and hands the checks out manually as well. There are no direct ways for the employees to get a hold of an HR manger to discuss any issues. Issues are only discussed when the HR manager visits the store. Also it?s hard to observe an employee. Observing an employee could take a lot of time. In order to observe the employees correctly you have to spend some time working with the employee. In this case Jay Morgan doesn?t have enough time to go to every location and observe every single employee. Since the employees don?t get observed they don?t get to know about the things they are doing wrong and how to fix them. By not observing the employees and not letting them know what things they need to fix could cost the company a lot of money. HRIS software provides solution to all of the problems that Jay Morgan is currently facing. In summary Jay Morgan does everything as of now manually which is not stable for a growing business or a business that is looking to expand. By using the HRIS system will make the company more stable. Also it will be easier for the castle?s family restaurant to serve their customer better and also take care of the employees. HRIS Type/Comparison HRIS software can help Castle restaurant business a lot and can also take a lot of stress of Jay Morgan?s shoulders. There are a lot of different types of HRIS software that could help Jay Morgan in different ways. By using any of the HRIS software Jay Morgan will be able to work from one place without going anywhere. Most of the HRIS software will let him work from home or anywhere. The result of this will help the company save up a lot of money and will help Jay Morgan save a lot of time as well. Overall using HRIS software will help Jay Morgan and make things go much smoother. There are a lot of types of HRIS software out there. Choosing the right HRIS software is always important for the business. Lewin?s three-step change model is a good example that can be fallowed. It explains how technology can bring efficiency for a company. It would be a good guide to fallow. It also states how technology can help make tasks stress free. This is an important reason why an HRIS is critical. Ultipro is one the HRIS software that has been out in the business for over 20 years providing excellent solution to their customers. Ultipro has many different built in functions like time and attendance payroll scheduling and many more that could help Jay Morgan take a lot of stress of his shoulders. Ultipro lets employee?s request days off straight from Ultipro and it also lets them upload their availability to Ultipro. Ultipro makes employee schedules according to the availability. Scheduling is one of the main problems Jay Morgan is running into all the time. In order for Jay Morgan to make employee schedule he has to go out to every location. It also gets hard for the employees to request days off and work according to their availability. In order to solve this problem and make everything run smooth Jay Morgan needs to take advantage of the HRIS software. HRIS software will let him make the schedule at his office and send it out to the employees really fast. Using HRIS also works in favor of the employees. HRIS scheduling software lets employees request days off straight from that software and lets them upload their availability. This will let Jay Morgan schedule according the employees availability. This also lets the employees have access to the schedule much faster. Which is good because if they are not happy with the schedule they got they can email Jay Morgan to change their schedule in advance before it too late. Using the HRIS scheduling software also saves the company a lot of money by letting Jay Morgan sit in his office and get things done instead of traveling to every location to make the schedule. Intuit is one of the vendors that offer different types of HRIS software. Intuit offers QuickBooks which is used for payroll and print checks. QuickBooks also works with third party software. This will let the Castle?s family business use third party software for scheduling and recruiting and other things. Intuit also offers time keeping software for little extra cost. It lets the employees log in and lets them clock-in and clock-out. Time and attendance works with payroll which lets payroll pull the information from time and attendance. Also it reduces errors while putting in the numbers into payroll. Payroll also lets you print paychecks straight form payroll and keeps track of printed checks. It also lets you pick the style of the paychecks of your choice. It has also made easier to set up direct deposit for the employees which could save the company a lot of money. It also has the option where you can print out your W-2 from QuickBooks payroll. Payroll automatically calculates state and federal taxes and also could paid with just a click. PDS is another vendor that brings different types of software to HR to help them make things simple and easy. PDS offers different software for training recruiting attendance benefits and many more. PDS benefit plan lets the employees enroll in plan of their choice in a few minutes. If employees don?t like the plan they are currently enrolled in they are able to change their plain with few steps at any time without any hassle. Employees don?t have to fill out any paper work. They are able to enroll in the benefits online and have all their benefits information at their fingertips. Payroll function lets you create checks and print them. It also lets you customize checks with you company logo. Payroll software work with the time and attendance function it pulls information from time and attendance to create checks for the right amount. It reduces errors compared to entering data manually. Employees are also able to set up direct deposit and are able to view paystubs online. Recruiting is also made easy using the PDS recruiting software. It provides the company with the tools that will allow them to gather applicant data by a corporate website. Once the data is collected it?s put in a stand-alone database where it?s easier for the recruiter to monitor and control contact. It also lets you put a link on corporate?s website to provide access to this tool where jobs can be posted with descriptions and with the required qualifications. Training is very important for the company to succeed and expand. It give corporate the ability to put up the training on the website for the employees to take in order for them to succeed. Corporate has total control of the training. They are able to choose what type of training they need to put up and when they want to make them due. This HRIS software can help Jay Morgan is many different ways. HRIS Vendor Recommendation Looking at the things Jay Morgan has to face and understanding the Castle?s Family restaurant is looking to expand PDS is the best option for them. PDS will also give Jay Morgan the ability to sit in his office and work from there with traveling to every location. It will also save him time that he put toward focusing in the other things to make the business more stable and better then the competitors. Providing a solution to the current problems Jay Morgan is facing and a solution that will help the company succeed when they expand their business. It is recommended that Castle?s Family Restaurant use PDS to make things smoother. Kottler?s eight- stage model was a theory that was developed after observing. Observations are a good way to study change. This theory helps managers avoid any downfalls in their change. Implementing an HRIS system is a huge change for organizations. I suggest Castle?s Family Restaurant to use PDS because they are a trusted vendor. They can be counted on during the change at the restaurant. PDS has been serving different types of industries including retail restaurants education government and many more. PDS software will also offer phone support. If they come across any problems they will be able to call them and get it figured out. This PDS software will provide solutions to all the problems that have been pointed out by Jay Morgan. Also it is going to help the Castle?s Family Restaurant make better decisions in the future. PDS software?s scheduling function will let Jay Morgan make the schedule at his office. He wouldn?t have to travel to every location to make the employees? schedules. Which will save the company money from traveling expenses. This will let the employees access their schedule from any workstation at work by logging in and they will be able put in their work availability. This makes it much easier for Jay Morgan to make schedules according to the employee?s availability. Employees are able to put in requests for the days they want off and it will notify the manager when he/she is making the schedule. Time and attendance function lets employees clock-in from any workstation that has the PDS time and attendance software installed on. This function will also show the employees their schedule as well and it will show them what time they clocked-in and what time they clocked-out. When employees request a day off through the time and attendance function the manager gets an email letting them know that a certain employee has requested a day off. If the manager approves the request the employee will get message on time and attendance function letting them know that the request has been approved. As of now Jay Morgan is using an Excel spreadsheet for payroll and has a computer application to print checks. The payroll function of PDS works with the time and attendance function. Payroll automatically pulls information from the time and attendance function to make the checks. PDS payroll also calculates overtime pay if employee has worked any overtime during that pay period. Since it automatically pulls information from time and attendance it will reduce errors while entering numbers. Employees have to option to set up a direct deposit or have their check sent to them. It gives employees the ability to view their paystub using any work workstation. It also gives the HR manager the ability to choose what they want to print on a paycheck. By using the PDS software it will save the company a lot of money and will take a lot of stress off of Jay Morgan?s shoulders. It will also be easier for the employees get access to things. Since Castle?s family restaurant is trying to expand it will help them in the future. PDS software will give the company the ability to compete with other businesses in the same industry. Conclusion I have presented different solution that will help Jay Morgan take a load of his shoulders. Also I have suggested a one software out of two that will be the best fit for Jay Morgan?s situation also explained why that software will be the best fit and how it will help jay Morgan compete against the competitors in the same industry. The solution is also going to help Jay Morgan when Castle?s Family Restaurant is expanding. Reference Facts at a Glance | National Restaurant Association. (n.d.). Retrieved from Intuit payroll general disclosure: Intuit payroll information. (n.d.). Retrieved”

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