Exporting gems from Russia to International Jewelers

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Part 2 on the sheet attachedBAIB / BAGBM / BAIEM Level 0MGT 3A2: FOUNDATIONS OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENTCoursework Sp13Learning outcomesA. Knowledge and understandingA2. Demonstrate general understanding of the international dimension of business organisations and their context.B. Cognitive skillsB2. Adopt logical approaches to problematic business situations.C. Practical and professional skillsC1. Demonstrate reading effectiveness through the recognition and retention of key points.C4. Plan by setting achievable goals obtained through structured action.D. Key transferable skillsD1. Demonstrate commitment to personal development through on-going learning to meet the needs of the rest of their degree and future employment.D4. Take into account the individual needs of others in cross-cultural situations.GUIDELINES? D1 requires you to find out more about your proposal through research. The extent to which you achieve that will be evident from your submission and it is therefore not assessed separately.? D4 requires cross cultural factors to be taken into account. These are not directly part of the Operations Module, so again you will have to find out ? ideally from natives of the relevant cultures.? A2, B2, C1, C4 are tested across the coursework tasks.? The number of marks for each task or part of it is shown in brackets after it.? As a rough guide, where the response is writing, you should write approximately 20 ? 25 words per mark.? Where the response is a diagram, marks are awarded both for overall impression (how businesslike it is) and for identifying the operational elements that must be undertaken to achieve your goal or clarify your organisational structure.? While it is recognised that you may Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) the tasks with others, including a private tutor, what you eventually hand in must be entirely your own work. (Assessors can even tell which sentences you have had help with!)? Estimated time required to complete: 16 ? 20 hours.Hand out date: Tuesday 11th February 2014Hand in dates: 17.00 Monday 15th April 2013Value: 50% of total Module marksPart 1 (10 marks)GET AN IDEA1) Think of a business or voluntary sector goal with some international element that you would like to achieve that:? makes a profit, or? breaks even, or? stays within a budget (2 marks)e.g.? Getting humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees? Selling ice-creams to foreign tourists at seaside resorts? Organising events (with food, drink, music, etc.) abroad for at least 50 people in hired accommodation? Importing rugs from Turkey to UK for sale to retailers? Manufacturing a new product with some processes abroad? etc.2)a) Express this goal in less than 75 words (5 marks)(Marks are awarded for the clarity of the statement you upload before any tutor correction, modification, or adjustment and for the repeatability and/or profitability of the idea.)b) Upload your final aim in writing to your seminar tutor on Blackboard. (3 marks)Part 2 (40 marks)EXPLORE THE IDEA1) Create a diagram that fits on a maximum of two A4 sheets (one sheet is better than two) to show:a) how the activities necessary to achieve your goal (stated in Part 1 above) will be carried out, and (5 marks)b) the relationship between those activities in time and space (when and where they will be carried out and how they all fit together). (5 marks)2) Briefly explain or illustrate each of the following types of organisational structure:a) Wheelb) Traditional divisional structurec) Business Unit structured) Matrix structure (10 marks)3) Assume that time has moved forward two years and your business or charitable goal has been achieved many times (it may even have been extended to include more activities), so that 50 ? 100 people are now involved in delivering your organisation?s outputs.a) Draw a diagram showing what you think is the best method of organising your 50 ? 100 employees, associates, or directors (or whatever you decide to have). (10 marks)b) Analyse the advantages of your method of structuring your organisation over the other methods. (10 marks)Submission InstructionsUpload your answers to the above questions to your seminar tutor on Blackboard (Turnitin).When uploading, there have been compatibility issues with Mac files. Please submit a Microsoft Word documentIf your diagrams are hand-drawn, then photograph them and paste a copy as a picture into the Word document..

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