Evaluate the financial health

Evaluate the financial health of selected firms using appropriate financial analyses methods.Assignment DescriptionThe project is to evaluate the financial health of a US listed company by performing ratio analysis.Eachstudent will have to do his own analysis on a different company. Go to http://www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml=> Searchfor Company Filings and type either the company?s name or the ticker symbol as per table below. You shouldfirst identify the annual reports for the three most recent years and then collect all the necessary data foryour ratio analysis from the consolidated financial statements. All statements used should be included in thereport.Required:1. Calculate the three (3) liquidity, five (5) financial leverage, six (6) turnover and four (4)profitability ratios for all the years as per example 3.5 in the powerpoint presentations.2. Prepare a comprehensive report evaluating the financial health of the company based on the ratios youhave calculated above.3. Summarize the firm?s overall financial position on the basis of your findings.Student Name Company SymbolMohamed Abdulla Mohamed Ali Ghanem Al Mazrouei JPMorgan JPM!

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