Ethical Analysis ? Apple to pay for patent infringement

1) Identify the ethical actor (who took the action that you will subject to the ethical test. Almost all situations have multiple ethical actors, including the ?victim?. Pick one, if available, whose action is not clearly ethical or clearly unethical; these make for more interesting Discuss (check for the help you need)ion)2) Identify the action that is being reviewed for its ethical consequences/nature (being specific as to the action allows application of your ethical standard).3) Select an ethical test. Include the applicable provisions of that ethical test (you can use any ethical test you feel applies, including and not limited to the cowboy code, Kantian ethics, utilitarianism, the ACM code of ethics, the class? ongoing ethics standard, etc.)4) Apply the specified provisions of the ethical test you selected to the specific actions you are testing. Is the action ethical, unethical, both ethical and unethical, ethically neutral, etc.?

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