ES1 Assignment 2 Individual essay

The Essay Students will grow in their knowledge and understanding of the subject material as we progress through this module. Tothis end students are expected to reflect on each week?s learning and apply it to their chosen company using a personaljournal function in Nile. Journal entries must then be submitted as appendix to the assignment. Journals must clearlyshow the date at the top of the page and be no longer than ? of a page each. Each journal must start on a new page whencopied to the appendix of the assignment. You can lose up to 10% of the total available marks where regular thoughtfuljournals were not kept. In writing the essay students would be expected to refer to company group reports and accounts, analysts? and companyreports from trade and other journals and relevant theory. Choose one company from the list below: ? Electrocomponents PLC ? Evraz PLC ? FirstGroup PLC ? Grafton Group PLCCritically analyse the company with specific reference to models theories and techniques explored in the module.Your essay should include the following information about the company:you can also login my university account for more detail. accout:14436362 password_10081991Zh= course:ACC3007 The PresentationThe presentation comes in three parts and is also subject to a contribution grade.Each presentation will last for ten minutes excluding question time. It will be accompanied by a written transcript ofapproximately 1333 words. Groups should work towards ten minutes rather than count the words.Each group will identify only ONE member who will be have responsibility for submission of ALL the presentationtranscripts on NILE.Contribution will be assessed as attendance AND CONTRIBUTION at seminars, presentations, group meetings andcontributions on Nile. All document exchanges and agreements on division and delivery of work, deadlines etc. MUST bedocumented on the group?s Nile area for verification purposes. A contribution sheet will also be provided. That must besigned by all members and submitted in person when part three of the presentation is delivered.Presentation topics: For your group presentations you will need to select a country from the list below. No two groups within the same seminargroup will be allowed to choose the same country. If this happens then one group will have to choose another country. Thegroup needing to select another company will be identified randomly. It is therefore not on a first-come basis, groupsare encouraged to do some reading and think carefully before selecting their country/company given the requirements and apotential backup.Choose one country from the list below: ? Barbados ? Canada ? Fiji ? India ? Ireland ? MauritiusGroup presentation part 1 ? Critically examine its currency of your chosen country with a focus on recent history, drivers in exchange ratemovements and predictions of future exchange rate changes. Group presentation part 2 ? Present a short case study on the impact of fluctuations in your chosen country?s exchange rate movements on aspecific company. Group presentation part 3 ? Present a case study of a foreign direct investment project into your chosen country. No two groups in the sameseminar group can chose a company from the same home country.:

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