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A few dozen years ago women and men were not seen as equals. Women did not even have the right to vote and men were paid more than women for doing the same work. Even now some societies still have this barbaric vision of inequality. Thankfully our society evolved and we can see more clearly. There sure are differences between the two sexes but it?s not necessarily a bad thing when the two can work together to compensate for their weakness. Women and men complete each other well because they have different skills: multitasking perspective and taking careEquality Between Genders of children. In the first place women are usually better than men at multitasking. You can often see them talking on the phone while doing a homework and at the same time have something that is cooking that will burn if they forget about it. Their concentration is very good which is a reason why they sometimes perform better in school then male. This skill is very helpful to help men who often rely on their secretary or wife to remember an important day or to handle a situation that requires talking to two people at once since men tend to focus on only one thing and forget about the rest. However this focus of men can often lead to a better overall perspective. When travelling men will usually have an easier time reading maps to figure out where to go either if they are driving a car or walking in a foreign city. Also they have a better sense of direction and will get lost less frequently then women. Male have better 3D perception a proof of this would be that there are a lot more male architect then female one. Women can then ask men for advice when they get lost or when they need to make plans to build something in their house. Last but not least the fact that women are the ones who gives birth to children makes them better at raising children. Since the beginning of time women have been raising children while men went at work. Women have a natural maternal instinct they are naturally made for nurturing and taking care of children. Women tend to be more preoccupied towards children that hurt themselves or when kids get sick. A woman knows when something is wrong with their children. They are more patient and less aggressive. Men can then rely on women to raise their children and they don?t have to worry. To conclude men and women are equal because they can always rely on each other.”

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