Epidemiology of diabetes in Malta

Epidemiology of diabetes in MaltaSources do not just have to be published studies, but can also include stuff such as theses and routine data admitting in the study the limitations if you use just routine data with its inaccuracy for example. A bulk of the assignment is having done a comprehensive search, and listing what you found and what you didn?t. How recent? Some have searched and found studies in ?92 for example, how outdated would that be? The latest you can find if the latest you can find is a study from 30 years ago, you have to use that Should we compare to other statistics from abroad? Yes, but not for a major part of the write-up Referecing method? About how many references should we aim for? Usual referencing method (no difference if its APA or whatever), with as much information as you can find, knowing of the limited data What about statistics? It makes a lot of sense using information about frequency (prevalence, incidence etc) and other statistical information if you can find Do we have to critically appraise the studies? No, just state the limitations of your assignment if you could only reference theses for example Some further guidelines: 1. Choose a Disease. 2. Sees out all the Epidemiology about it in Malta (quantitative aspects). 3. See also Risk Factors 4. Describe what you have found out. 5. State the limitations of the data 6. The words in the Reference List do not count for the total. 7. Description should be about Quantitative not Qualitative studies in published literature. Please focus on the statistics and epidemiology more.write enough epidemiology info and statistics.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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