Engineering Design and Communications

Individual Design Assignment Winter 2015Introduction You have been asked to work on a design project for your employer. Your tasks involve the generation and evaluation of design ideas. Your particular design project has been assigned on the basis of your last name:Last Name Starts With? Design Project Theme A ? D Shop-Vac E ? K Mixmaster L ? R Whipper Snipper S ? Z Rice MakerTask 1 (10 Marks) Generate a list of five constraints that apply to your project theme. The constraints must be realistic, and they must serve a purpose. Identify the constraints, and indicate why they have been adopted.Task 2 (10 Marks) Identify all of the relevant functions of your design project. This includes the basic and secondary functions. When listing the secondary functions, specify whether they are required or unwanted and explain your answer.Task 3 (30 Marks) Construct each of the following and explain the results: ? A Pairwise Comparison Chart to rank the goals of your design project. ? A Morphological Chart to illustrate the design space for your design project. ? A Numerical Evaluation Matrix to evaluate the various design options for your design project.DUE: By 6:00 a.m. on March 6.

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