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Education parentingProject description1 HDFS 414 Summer 2014: Summer Term A June 23 rd , 2014 Instructions All students will have from 8:00 AM to 11:55 PM EST on June 23 rd , 2014 to complete the final exam. Students will have until 1:00 AM on June 24 th , 2014 to submit their exam to the Dropbox for a late grade (25% point reduction will be taken). Please answer each prompt in at least 300 words . The expectation is that each prompt will be answered in essay form. Use 12 ? point, Times New Roman font , and pl ease write in complete sentences . When answe ring all of the prompts, please back up your responses by integrating the information learned from the text and lectures. This final exam is not a personal reflection . Rather, it is designed to assess whether y ou are able to integrate the course readings and lectures to answer the prompts. The expectation is that the final exam will be formally written (including correct capitalization and punctuation) , spell checked, and free of conversational language. Please avoid plagiarism. Points will be deducted if these guidelines ar e no t met or if you do no t sufficiently answer the prompts on the following pages. When submitting the final exam , click Assessments < Final Exam Dropbox. Then, scroll to the bottom an d copy and paste your final exam into the comment field of the Drop box AND attach the exam as an attachment. If both are not completed, points will be deducted from your final grade. When attaching the exam , make sure your document is saved to your computer as Las t Name_Final Exam (e.g., Ch risler_Final Exam ). It is your responsibility to verify that the correct document is uploaded and that your final exam is uploaded successf ully. We will NOT accept exams via email or past the late deadline for any reason . 2 Question 1 (20 points) . Imagine a child ?s parent has died . ? Using Erikson ?s Stages of Psychosocial Development, w hat would be the developmental concerns if the child were a typically developing : o I nfant? o T oddler? o Preschooler? o School ? ager? o Adolescent? ? Answer the same questions using Piaget ?s Stages of Cognitive Development. ? Using Erikson?s Stages of Psychosocial Development, w hat are s ome ways a parent could support the: o Infant? o Toddler? o P reschooler? o School ? ager? o Adolescent? ? Answer the same questions using Piaget ?s Stages of Cognitive Development . Question 2 (20 points) . Imagine a teenager wants to extend her curfew by an hour. D escribe each of Baumrind?s parenting styles in a few sentences . U sing each parenting style, provide a quote on how a parent would respond. Then, provide rationale for your parent response. Which parenting style is the most effective? Provide reasoning for your answer. Q uestion 3 (20 points) . In a few sentences, d escribe Bowlby?s attachment styles, including s ecure and all insecure attachments. Give an examp le of what each attachment style would look like . If a child develops a secure attachment with the parent(s) during childhood, what e ffect do es this have on the child as he/she enters adolescence? If a child develops an insecure attachment with the parent(s) during childhood, what effect does this have on the child as he/she enters adolescence ? Based on course readings and lectures, explain w hat can parents do to promote secure attachment during childhood? During adolescence? Question 4 ( 2 0 points). Galinsky developed six stages of parenthood. List the stages and give an example of each stage. How can lifecourse framework help explain Galisky?s work? Why is Galinsky?s work important for parents to know, and h ow could it inform their parenting? Question 5 (2 0 points). Imagine an adolescent comes home fro m school. He tells his parent ( s ) that he hates school and has no friends be fore slamming his bedroom door. Using Gottman?s 5 ? step coaching techniques , what should the parent(s) do at each step ? Be sure to include rationale for the response at each step. Also, explain how the parent ( s ) would incorporate active l istening and I ? messaging in their response to their adolescent . Be sure to include rationale from the course readings and/or lecture slides.:

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