Economics of Gender (Causes and Consequences of Glass Ceiling)

One reference may be the reading which I will attached.Causes and Consequences of Glass Ceiling. ? What is ?glass ceiling?? How differ from ?leaky pipeline?, ?sticky floor?? ? What evidence is there that a glass ceiling exists? What evidence refutes its existence? ? What factors contribute to glass ceiling? ? What consequences result from glass ceiling? ? !!!!!!! video that captures some aspect of glass ceiling.**** Grading system (These are grading system, so just keep in mind below lists when you write this paper). Don?t need towrite about below lists. Just write paper as follow this guideline. 1. Introduction ? statement of research question : what question does this paper answer? On what topic does the paper focus? ? Definition of terms : what is meant by/how measured? ? Why is this question/topic important? 2-4 reasons we need to know the answer.2. Analysis ? Background : what is the conventional wisdom about this topic? What do we already know? Use sources to inform youranalysis/discussion? whatever background information on the topic is available, this is where that discussion goes?where did the topic ?come from?? what conditions/situations contributed to the topic as an area of economic analysis?? Current : what is the current thinking/current ?debate? about the topic? What is the current situation? Use sources toinform your analysis?? Is there anything more that needs to be done? Policies? Cultural changes?3. Summary/Conclusions ? Re-state research question; brief overview of topic ? Main take-away points.4. Video ? is video appropriate/informative.:

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