Economic Impact of drilling in Thompson Divide on the state of Colorado

Thompson Divide is an area in Colorado, rich with oil. The Oil Industry is trying to lease a certain amount of that land to start drilling oil in that area. However, the residents of the area are against of such actions saying that it will cause pollution, the city roads will be used by the heavy machinery, and that it will have a bad impact on the ecology of the beautiful area. I, as a writer of this report, want to prove that drilling in Thompson Divide will have a positive impact the economy of Colorado: it will increase the revenue of the state and will create more jobs in this high unemployment rate time period. It will also help to increase the U.S. oil reserves. The goal of this report is to show how drilling will effect the area, and why it should be done. I have attached background information of Thompson Divide in separate folder, and also another folder with a report example from the book. However, you would have to do some research from your side as well. Please, let me know if any additional information is needed, or if something needs to be clarified. Thank You..

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