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Ebara Technology Incorporated Component Division is a subsidiary of Ebara Corporation. Ebara Technology is known as a Research and Development focus company whose main subject matter is on research and development for its business operations. Ebara will always campaign for research and development to increase added value to the product and over and above research and development related cost reduction and manufacturing technologies toward improving it competitiveness and profitability (R&D ? Ebara (n.d.)). Finance The financial perspective has the strategic objective in areas of the market shares revenues and costs profitability and competitive position. On theEbara Balance Scorecard and Communication Plan financial viewpoint of the new F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical Mechanical Polishing System will increase the sales growth anywhere from 10% to 20%. This modification or enhancement will dictate the end results of decreasing in the cost increase higher quality and speed for a prompt response to customers? needs. The operating cost will decrease anywhere from 15% to 25% for the reason that on common parts the volume will increase and with contracts already in place the forecast will go up and the price will go down. A small number of ideas turn out to be profitable for the reason of research and development and pre-marketing costs of transforming a promising idea into a profitable product. Customer In the customer value perspective we want to look at how the customers see us in all these areas customer retention or turnover customer satisfaction and customer value. Our goal of retention rate is to recognize the turnover and to monitor the performance over time. The main objective is not to be at zero however to be at a position that is supporting our goals for growth? (Customer Retention Strategy | Marketing MO. (n.d.)). Developing plans to increase customer loyalty and decrease turnover. Our company will set up meeting on a quarterly basis with customers with the agenda being directed at on-time delivery percent of sale from the new product and feedback from the customers. On time delivery will be recorded and reviewed to communicate to our shareholders and employees. The company as a whole will be working with all current customers to maintain a goal 98% or better delivery performance. Feedback whether it is positive or negative from our customer is vital action for the growth of the company. Internal Business Process The internal business process is to construct a streamline process for the manufacturing process. Manufacturing objective is make sure they have create a useful and efficient process that will imposed check points at all operating locations. Paperwork will be turned in and the information is loaded into the database. The target is recorded and a weekly or monthly report is run. These reports are called Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or Key Success Indicator (KSI). These reports are a set of quantifiable measures that the company or an industry uses to gauge or compare performance in team meeting of the strategic and operational goal? (Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Definition | Investopedia. (n.d.). These reports will be posted in all appropriate departments and meetings are set-up for discussion to talk about great performance or what we need to improve on. Learning and Growth The learning and growth of the company will depend widely on the knowledge and training of all employees. In order to achieve our vision production must be able to be ready for changes and the ability to improve. Our goal will be focus in two different areas; the first will be the production employees and the second will be document control. Our intention is for all managers and executives to keep and open communication with every employee in the company and all outsourcing suppliers of all pending and up and coming changes. Every employee and the outsourcing suppliers will go through a training program on how to build all areas of F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical Mechanical Polishing System.. Our aspiration would be to ensure that each outside service and each and every in-house employee are trained and certified in their specified areas. Eventually we would want to see some cross-training in all the areas. On the Document Control side will also be following the same step listed above but because changes will need to be made rapidly and some changes will need to be phased in. This department must be knowledgeable of all aspect of the Engineering Changes Notices and the Engineering Changes Orders. The goal for this department is to be conscious and mindful of Engineering Changes Orders and Engineering Changes Notices. The focus would be to make certain they have all signatures and it is approval through all levels. We will need to proceed by requiring training cross training and certification of each of employees in this department. Conclusion The supposition of the balanced scorecard we covered all four areas: The financial side with building of the F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical Mechanical Polishing System we will be decreasing the cost increase higher quality and speed where the customer is getting their needs met. This proposal will bring profit because of the research and development and pre-marketing cost changing ideas into a profitable product. Secondly on the customer perspective side the goal is increase customers loyalty and always looking for ways to decrease the turnover rate. Customer satisfaction and customer value by encouraging face to face meeting to keep client/customers informed. The internal process is where we will find ways to improve the process. Key Performance Indicator will be set up in difference department so that each department knows how they are performing. And last is the learning and growth of the employees. We will focus on the production employees and Document Control . Training and crossing training is a major area because of all the changes that will forthcoming. Document Control will be overwhelmed with countless changes and will need to be prime and ready for the surplus. References Customer Retention Strategy | Marketing MO. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.marketingmo.com/strategic-planning/customer-retention-strategy/ Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Definition | Investopedia. (n.d.). Retrieved October 162014 from http://www.investopedia.com/terms/k/kpi.asp R&D ? EBARA ? Global Website. (n.d.). Retrieved September 262014 from http://www.ebara.com/global/en/company/rd.html”

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