Early Childhood Education.

Early Childhood Education.Assignment Focus: TEMPERAMENT & DISPOSITIONSReadings: Read the Ereadings (attached) it will help with the questions:Read these 2 Ereadings:Churchill, S. (2003) Goodness-of-fit in early childhood settings. Early Childhood Education Journal, 31(2), 113-118.Da Ros-Voseles, D. & Fowler-Haughey, S. (2007) Why children?s dispositions should matter to all teachers. Beyond the Journal: Young Children on the Web, September, 1-7.Explore the following online content (it will help you get a better understanding and with answering the 5 questions on the next page):The 9 Temperamental Traits (Thomas & Chess) is just for information:The 9 Temperamental Traits (Thomas & Chess) are:1. Sensitivity (how sensitive are you highly sensitive/not sensitive?)2. Intensity of reaction (which kind of reaction do you have ? high/low?)3. Activity Level (do you produce high output of activity or a low output of activity?)4. Adaptability (how well you do adapt to changing circumstances ? well/not well?)5. Approach/Withdrawal (do you approach a situation or withdraw from a situation?)6. Persistence (do you give up easily or stick things out?)7. Rhythmicity (do you have a routine/rhythm to your day?)8. Quality of Mood (do you have a high mood or a low mood most of the time?)9. Distractibility (are you easily distracted or do you find it easy to stick on task?)With these traits in mind: First take a look at Annie Murphy Paul?s video on what we learn before we?re born, building on the emerging field of ?foetal origins?.Finally, take a look at the ?Scary Robot? video, from the first episode of the ?Life at 1? series:http://www.abc.net.au/tv/life/video/LIFEAT1.htm?program=life&pid=playerV&src=/tv/life/stories/xml/s2352031.xml&title=Scary Robot test&item=1&autostart=trueAssignment questions to answer: Individual learning responseBased on your readings/videos answer the following and please make sure you include the questions as headings with your answers so I can follow it clearly:In a minimum of 500 words, now take some time to reflect on:1. Which temperament traits do you believe are still influencing how you are today as a person?2. Do you think temperament is in-built (genetic) or environmentally-influenced and why?3. Do you think there is a difference between temperament, dispositions & personality? Why ? how do you see these constructs?4. What implications might this have for our work with young children?5. How will this knowledge help you as an early childhood educator?

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