Dubai Media Inc. (Focus on Dubai TV)

This is PART 2 of the research paper. I will be uploading PART 1 for your reference. HOWEVER, in PART 1 we have wrote about several channels, in this part we ONLY want to focus on DUBAI TV channel. cancel Dubai One and Sama Dubai and the Radio station. Just focus on Dubai TV.The instructions for PART 2 are as follows:You must identify a problem/opportunity with their current strategy and proposed a marketing solution (e.g. a new division, a new brand, a line/brand extension).? Summary of the intended product/brand strategy; provide your recommendation regarding the problem or opportunity selected ? Value Proposition (expected, augmented & ideal)? Competitive threats & opportunities for the new product / service? Segmentation strategy / target consumers? Intended positioning? Proposed marketing mixo Producto Priceo Placeo Promotion (integrated communications)? Conclusion.

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