DRM and trusted computing

DRM and trusted computingStefik (2002) states that trusted computing combine hardware and software (meeting certain security specifications approved by the content provider) to create a secure trusted platform for the exchange of digital content and information. The conceptual underpinnings of trusted computing technologies trace back to Dr. Mark Stefiks pioneering work at Xerox PARC. In very general terms, Stefik (2002) defined a trusted system as a system that can be relied on to follow certain rules. In the DRM and digital copyright protection context, a trusted system is a computer (or other device) that can be relied on to follow and enforce rules governing the access and use of protected digital content. The server relies on trusted elements of the recipients device to identify the recipient, to transmit only accurate information about the recipient, and to limit the recipients ability to manipulate any content it receives from the server in ways that exceed its authorization.Question: isn?t this setup prone to man in the middle attacks? Research, discuss and comment.

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