Director of the newly created National Technical-Collection Agency (NTA)

You have a new role. You are the Director of the newly created National Technical-Collection Agency (NTA) whichcombines NSA, NGA, and the parts of DIA responsible for MASINT. You are expected, in your new job, to achievecost savings ? which means deemphasizing some programs among your ELINT, FISINT, IMINT, and MASINT efforts.(COMINT, though a part of your agency, is not a part of this exercise).The President has directed the National Security Council to undertake a bottom-up review of all nationalsecurity programs in order to find savings, while at the same time ensuring we have the capabilities necessaryto meet the challenges posed by the current world situation (as described in your scenario). The NSC has askedthe Director NTA (you) to provide a short (5 page) paper spelling out which non-literal technical collectioncapabilities are high priority, which are medium priority, and which are lowest priority, with yourjustification for these rankings given the current state of the world (of your scenario). That paper is yourassignment.Consider all of the collection ?INTs? and platforms discussed in chapters 3-11 of the course text as being, insome way, under your purview.keep these in mind in explaining your choices, but you do not need to revisit them in detail.? What problems or issues are you going to address with your collection?? What are your specific targets (e.g., published or internet sources, types of agents, communications links)?? How does your operational environment in the world of your scenario differ from that today? How do you proposeto change your collection methods to deal with it (e.g., tradecraft). Take into account not only the scenarioworld, but also the advances in technology, counterintelligence methods, etc., that can be expected over thenext ten years.!

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