Descartes and the Existence of Evil Demon

In Meditation III, Descartes offers an argument for God?s existence, using as a premise that he (Descartes) has an idea of God. One might wonder whether such an argument would apply in the case of others of Descartes? ideas. E.g., would Descartes think that his having an idea of the Evil Demon proves that the Evil Demon exists? This is the question you are to answer in your essay. And you are to explain and defend your answer. In the course of your essay, you should address the following: why did Descartes think that his having an idea of God proves God exists? What, according to Descartes, is the source of his idea of God? How does the idea of the Evil Demon differ from the idea of God? What, in keeping with Descartes? position, is or could be the source of his idea of the Evil Demon?!

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